Press-1 Phone Call Campaigns (Push-To-Talk)

Would you like to give your call recipients the ability to listen to your message sent through our system and then push a key on their phone if they would like to be transferred to a live person for more information? Our Press-1 phone call campaigns (Push-To-Talk) give all call recipients the option of connecting to a live representative from your organization.

Push-To-Talk Calling Feature (Video)

Press-1 campaigns are available for all DialMyCalls customers and have a separate funding system in addition to Pay-As-You-Go Credits or a Monthly Plan. The initial deposit for live transfer phone calls is $25 and it will auto-replenish once it gets down to $10. When utilizing this feature on a call broadcast you are charged $0.05 per minute on connected calls – once someone hits the ‘0’ key to connect to a live representative and that representative answers the call, the $0.05 per minute begins.

An exclusive feature to press-1 calling campaign is the ability to throttle* phone calls that are sent out from your DialMyCalls account. When setting up the live transfer option on your voice broadcast, you are able to select the following options regarding the calls per minute: *Please make sure you determine how long your calls will be going out when you use the call throttling ability. For example, sending a broadcast to 500 contacts using the 1 Call Per Minute option will take approximately 8 hours to complete.

  • No Call Throttling
  • 1 Call Per Minute
  • 3 Calls Per Minute
  • 5 Calls Per Minute
  • 15 Calls Per Minute
  • 50 Calls Per Minute
  • 100 Calls Per Minute
  • 500 Calls Per Minute

Voice broadcasts that have utilized the Press-1 Live Transfer feature will give you a detailed report that displays how may recipients used the feature and how many minutes were used on that particular call.

For more information regarding Press-1 Phone Call Campaigns through DialMyCalls, please contact us.

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