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New Unlimited Monthly Plan Rates Are Now Live!


DialMyCalls.com is proud to announce a couple of new rates for our monthly calling/texting plans.

Are you a small church or sports league that needs to contact a list of contacts on a weekly basis? DialMyCalls offers monthly plans* that allow members to contact the same list of numbers throughout the month for a flat rate.

DialMyCalls has good news surrounding our monthly calling/texting plans which is that we have just lowered the prices on our two introductory plans – the 25# and 50# plan are now even more cost effective than before!

Small religious groups, non-profits or sports leagues can now sign up for a 25# number plan for $7.49/month or a 50# plan for only $14.99/month. What exactly do you get with one of our monthly plans? Below you will find exactly what is included when signing up for one of DialMyCalls’ monthly plans:

  • Up to one call with a 2 minute message or one text message to all allotted numbers, once per day.
  • Access to the following advanced calling features at no cost: Push To Leave Message, Push To Opt-Out, Polling, and Push To Replay.
  • The ability to email the voice message or text message to your contacts as well.
  • Detailed reports for all text message and voice broadcasts.

Whether you are sending out weekly prayer requests or game cancellations, DialMyCalls is a great web-based notification system. Sign up today to get started sending out voice and text message broadcasts with the click of a button!

*Our monthly plans allow you to contact the same list of numbers throughout the month – adding and removing numbers over the maximum amount allotted will result in the account being frozen.

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