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If you have been called by a customer of DialMyCalls and no longer wish to receive these calls, please enter your information below and we will add you to our Do Not Call list. You can choose whether you'd like to disallow calls from anyone or only specific people. We recommend that you do not block everyone, just in case you need to receive calls from our other users in the future.

Add Your Number To Our Do Not Call List

In order to verify this is actually your phone number and to complete the Do Not Call process, we will send a call to your phone number right now. Using our automated system, please verify that it is your phone. Once the call is complete, you will no longer receive phone calls as requested.

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How To Be Removed From Our Do Not Call List

If there was a mistake made or if you'd like to be taken off the Do Not Call List so you can receive calls again, please contact someone in the support department and they can make the proper adjustments to remove you from our list.

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