Emergency Notification System Customer Reviews

DialMyCalls is used by more than 40,000 organizations throughout the United States and Canada – thousands of organizations rely on our mass notification system. Customers are our top priority and below we have reviews submitted by various organizations that utilize our emergency notification system to send out broadcasts via phone call, text message and email.


“We are new subscribers to your system. Even in the few short days since we started, this system has been effective in emergency situations when time is critical. We are using the system for volunteer emergency organizations and our county dispatch office. Thanks for your support.”

WOW, what a service. We signed up so we would have a quick emergency way to contact all my employees. The next day, one of our stores was robbed by a former employee – we were able to get the word out quick to watch for this guy!

Mammoth Heights Elementary

I LOVE that I can use DialMyCalls for the emergency phone tree at my daughter’s school. Recently I used DialMyCalls.com to remind her soccer team to attend the end of the year dinner. It makes my life a lot easier. THANK YOU!

New Covenant Life Church

I heard about your service from the Kim Komando website and I tried using your service today and I was AMAZED at your service. First of all, the directions are so simple to understand and follow and the set up was very easy and quick. I set up a group call and sent out my first voice message in about 35 minutes from the time I first went to your website. Your customer service is terrific too! I had a problem verifying the phone number and within 5 minutes of reporting the problem I received a phone call from your customer service representative who verified the phone number and activated my number immediately. I am an administrative assistant of a church of over 400 members and I have already used this service to send out reminders for rehearsals and meetings. The members receiving the phone voice mail reminders are amazed and say it is a great tool because now they don’t have to check their email so often if they will be receiving phone messages. Everyone has a phone at hand all day, but not everyone can check their email all day long so this is a great tool for getting messages out instantly. We will be able to use this service to get out emergency prayer requests to members, too. I love DialMyCalls.com’s service and will continue to use it and tell all my friends about it!!! Thank You!

My husband is the Fire Chief for a Volunteer Fire Department. This site is wonderful! We can call trainings and meetings so easily and effortlessly. Thank you!!!