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What Makes
AI Help Me Write Great?

This tool makes writing engaging and informative text messages easy without reducing their quality.

Enhanced Clarity and Readability

Our AI Help Me Write tool helps create clear and readable messages, making them easier for your recipients to read and understand. Additionally, it can help overcome communication barriers by ensuring the absence of jargon in text messages, making technical information more accessible to grasp.

Improved Writing Style

AI Help Me Write can help you redefine your writing style by demonstrating different ways to present your messages. Consequently, you can identify and develop a style that keeps your audience engaged.

Efficient Time Management

Creating, editing, and revising text messages can be time-consuming, especially when trying to improve their flow and retain your reader’s attention. But with our AI Help Me Write tool, you speed up this process without compromising on quality or message delivery.

Stable Brand Voice and Identity

Maintaining a particular tone or voice throughout your messages while drafting them can be challenging. Our AI Help Me Write tool caters to this issue by aligning text messages with your brand’s tone using customizable style guidelines, thus maintaining your brand’s identity.

How To Use
the AI Help Me Write Tool?


Create an Account and Upload Your Contacts

Click on Sign Up to register for a DialMyCalls account and log in to your dashboard. After logging in, you can add contacts to your recipient pool by entering their contact details or importing contacts straight from an Excel or CSV file.


Write a Text Message and Apply the Help Me Write Tool

Use the AI Help Me Write tool to create an engaging message containing all the information you want to pass. Once the tool has created a message, you can look it over to ensure it delivers the message just as well as you’d prefer. You can also regenerate the message if you don’t like the tone or style of the first one.


Send Your Message and View Reports

Once you’re satisfied with the message, you can send it immediately or schedule it for later. After this, you’ll get a detailed report on how each message performs so you can conduct a thorough analysis.

Ways You Can Apply
the AI Help Me Write Tool

Bulk Message Personalization

The more personalized your messages are, the more they resonate with your recipients and boost their engagement. With our AI Help Me Write tool, you can tailor your bulk messages to sound more personalized and relevant to each recipient. You can also adjust your message's tone, use case, and context to ensure you get one crafted to suit your requirements.

Marketing Campaigns

Utilizing our intuitive AI Help Me Write tool can enhance the appeal of your marketing campaigns, making them sound more engaging and action-driven. By rewording your texts using this tool, you can also ensure your brand’s voice is prominent in the message. These features can help boost your text conversion rates by creating clear and more compelling messages.

Emergency Alerts

Crafting compelling and straightforward messages that guide the recipient on what to do is vital in situations that require urgent attention or action. Our AI Help Me Write tool can help you achieve this by making your message’s sentences sound direct and less ambiguous, ensuring quick information transfer and action.

Internal Communication

Organizations that use text messages as a communication medium within their workforce can significantly benefit from utilizing our AI Help Me Write tool. This feature allows them to send company updates, meeting reminders, or task briefs through concise and professional text messages. As a result, it ensures that internal communication within the organization is clear and compelling.

Client Appointment Reminders

When crafting a text message to remind a client about their appointment, it is essential to maintain your brand’s tone and ensure the message is concise and informative. Thankfully, this is a walk in the park with our AI Help Me Write tool. You can easily create professional, conversational, or informative messages, depending on what tone suits your standards.

AI Help Me Write FAQs

DialMyCalls’ AI Help Me Write tool creates text messages that meet specific predetermined standards in tone, context, and use case. This can either work to make them sound more professional, informative, or straightforward, depending on your requirements.
Using artificial intelligence and language processing technologies, our AI Help Me Write tool analyzes your requirements to understand the message’s intent. Then, it crafts a text that meets those requirements and doesn’t need much revision or proofreading.
Creating engaging and straightforward messages using our AI Help Me Write tool takes mere seconds to complete.
Yes, after crafting a message with the AI Help Me Write tool, you can adjust the tone, use case, and content to fit a different intent, and it will regenerate another message to fit those requirements.
AI Help Me Write can create readable messages, thus encouraging recipient engagement. It can also help you save time from creating, editing, and revising your message to sound a certain way, as it does all the work within seconds.

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