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Hit Your Character Mark For Each Text With Our
Message Length Tool

At DialMyCalls, we understand that every character counts while crafting text messages. For this reason, weve designed a tool that counts the characters of messages, ensuring you hit the mark every time.

Why Use Our
Message Length Tool?

The message length tool from DialMyCalls is more than just a character counter. It can help you optimize your text messaging and convey precise information. Let's explore some reasons why you need our message length tool

Bypass Character Limits

Our message length tool keeps you updated on your character count while crafting your text, allowing you to stay within stipulated character count limits. Thus, you can craft your messages without cutting or overly revising them when you're done.

Enhance Information Clarity and Delivery

By sticking to character limits, you ensure your information is concise yet precise enough to pass accurate information to your recipients. This also improves the readability of your text since it bolsters information delivery.

Save Time

The message length tool from DialMyCalls counts your characters in real time, ensuring that you are always informed and in control. It saves you the stress and time of unnecessarily cutting the message down to meet specific requirements after you're done typing.

Better Editing And Proofreading

Our message length tool enables you to make optimal use of the time you spend editing and proofreading the text. Since you don't have to spend time reducing your message, you can focus on editing other aspects of your message to make it more readable.

How to Use the
Message Length Tool?


Create an Account

On the DialMyCalls website, click on sign up to create a new account or Sign in to your already existing account to get started. After this, you can access your dashboard and information about the messages you've sent.


Add your Contacts

Once your account is all set, you can add contacts to your recipients' list. To do this, you can manually enter their contact details individually or import them from an external file. We also offer a system that allows your recipients to opt in to receive text messages from you. When they do, their details are automatically added to the list.


Draft Your Message

Next, create a new broadcast and type your text in the Message to Send field. At the right corner of the field, you will see the message counter displaying the number of characters you've used so far, including letters, numbers, special symbols, and spaces. Once you're done typing, you can review the message again before sending it.

Ready to Try Our Message Length Tool?

With DialMyCalls, our leading mass communication service, craft your first message today, and prepare for seamless, efficient, and fast text messaging.

Message Length Tool FAQs

A message length tool is a digital tool that counts the number of characters in your message in real time. This helps ensure your text messages stay within character limits and avoid being split into multiple messages.
The message length tool from DialMyCalls helps you send messages without crossing character limits. It can also boost the clarity and readability of your work since your sentences will be much shorter and straightforward. With this tool, you can remove unnecessary words, focusing on the message's main point.
Our message length tool provides a precise count of your message's letters, numbers, special characters, and spaces. This ensures you have an accurate figure when crafting your messages.
Yes! You can access our message count tool from the DialMyCalls mobile application, which is available for download on the Apple App Store and Play Store for Android.
Definitely! We prioritize securing user data at DialMyCalls, including the messages you draft. So, even when you send the message, it only delivers to those you want it to.
We designed our message length tool to be compatible with all major browsers and operating systems. Once you create an account, log in, and draft a message, you can access this tool from an iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows laptop.
Yes. Our message length tool counts all characters in the Message to Send field, including emojis and special characters.

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