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Featured here are articles published by the most reputable national and international media. These articles have been gathered through the years of operation of our company and are being constantly updated.

Tech resources for the Millennial landlord
What you need to know when hiring a freelancer

What you need to know when hiring a freelancer

PredictiveIndex.com - June 17, 2019

This was true for David Batchelor, Co-Founder and CEO of DialMyCalls. He said, “Being a small company, using part-time employees has been tremendously helpful, allowing us to get tasks done [that we don’t have an internal team for]. For example, for quality assurance we’ve used an outsourcing company to help test new releases of our software for bugs and issues.”

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The Master List of Apps Your Nonprofit Needs

The Master List of Apps Your Nonprofit Needs

WildApricot.com - December 11, 2018

When you have thousands of donors or supporters in your database, contacting each of them with info about your latest fundraiser or nonprofit event quickly becomes an onerous task — especially when you rely on phone calls and SMS messages as a big part of your outreach strategy.

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