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DialMyCalls Affordable Pricing Plans

Find the right plan for your organization, or test it out for free.

Pay-As-You-Go Credit Packages

From $ 10 00 / 140 credits

  • No monthly fees - simply buy credits and use them as needed.
  • Credits can be used for calls or texts; e-mail included for free.
  • 1 Credit = 1 30 Second Call to 1 Number or 1 Text Message.

140 Credits Cost Per Credit: 7¢ Total Price $10.00
380 Credits Cost Per Credit: 6.5¢ Total Price $25.00
825 Credits Cost Per Credit: 6¢ Total Price $50.00
1,800 Credits Cost Per Credit: 5.5¢ Total Price $100.00
5,000 Credits Cost Per Credit: 5¢ Total Price $250.00
11,100 Credits Cost Per Credit: 4.5¢ Total Price $500.00
25,000 Credits Cost Per Credit: 4¢ Total Price $999.99
Larger Customer? Check Our Volume Pricing

Monthly Plans

From $ 7 49 / month

  • Perfect for people who call/text the same group of phone numbers each month.
  • No contract! Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the plan at any time.
  • Send calls and/or text messages; e-mail included for free.
  • Calls up to 2 minutes in length; all premium options included.

1 - 25 Numbers Only $7.49 / month
26 - 50 Numbers Only $14.99 / month
51 - 100 Numbers Only $34.99 / month
101 - 200 Numbers Only $54.99 / month
201 - 300 Numbers Only $74.99 / month
301 - 400 Numbers Only $84.99 / month
401 - 500 Numbers Only $94.99 / month
Larger Customer? Check Our Volume Pricing

Looking For A Custom Pricing Package?

While our packages and plans above work for many customers, we can also create special pricing plans for your organization. For example: for schools we can create yearly per student pricing plans; property management we can do per door pricing; and many other situations where you need a fixed per year pricing plan. Just fill out the form below or call someone on our sales team and we'll be more than happy to come up with a plan that meets your needs.

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Advanced Calling Features That We Offer

These advanced features are included on all monthly plans, and can be purchased with credits for all other users.

  • Push To Repeat Message: ½ Credit Per Call
  • Polling & Surveys: ½ Credit Per Call
  • Push To Forward To Phone Number: $.05 / minute on connected calls.
  • Push To Record Message: ½ Credit Per Call
  • Push To Opt-Out: Included For Free To All Customers
  • SMS Keyword For Texting: Demo Keyword Included (Custom Keywords: $4.95/month)

Want To Try Before You Buy?

Sign up for a free account and get one call with a 30 second message to up to 25 contacts per week at absolutely no cost; no credit card or payment is required! Our free service is great to try out DialMyCalls or for small organizations. Once you're a member you can upgrade to use credits or a monthly plan at anytime.

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Higher Volume Packages & Plans

For customers looking for over 25,000 credits or larger monthly plans, please view our enterprise pricing page. These packages are geared toward larger customers who send out large volumes of calls and/or text messages.

Non-Profit & School Discounts

We´re happy to provide discounts to all non-profit organizations and schools. For schools you can take an additional 15% off our listed prices & for non-profits you'll receive a 20% discount. You'll simply need to provide us with your non-profit Tax ID or your organization's website.

Have Questions? Give Us A Call!

Do you have questions or need assistance before ordering? Please call our support team at 1-800-928-2086 during our normal business hours (Monday - Friday from 9:30am - 6:30pm ET & Saturday - Sunday from 10:00am - 5:00pm ET). You may also email support anytime using our online support.