DialMyCalls.com Privacy & Security Compliance

Data Encryption

Our customer’s privacy and data protection is of our utmost importance. We will never sell, release, disclose, or distribute any of the information stored within your DialMyCalls account. This includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, and any other additional information. All information is solely property of your organization and will never be used by DialMyCalls in any way. DialMyCalls uses military grade 256-Bit SSL encryption as well as routine PCI compliance scans to ensure your information is stored in a secure environment.

Password Security Control

Customers of DialMyCalls control the password for their individual accounts – all passwords stored within DialMyCalls are heavily encrypted to avoid unwarranted access to any account.

Two-Factor Authentication

All employees of DialMyCalls are required to use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) when accessing any data associated with our platform. Requiring 2FA prevents any outside sources from gaining access to DialMyCalls and all data contained within.

Version Control

DialMyCalls utilizes version control to develop, implement, and maintain our platform. Access to our system is restricted to specific individuals, whose access in monitored. DialMyCalls safeguards all customer data and uses secure data centers that are housed in SOC 2 Type II compliant facilities – our data centers are geographically-dispersed throughout the United States to ensure reliability.

Offsite Secure Logging & Intrusion Detection

Service logs are maintained offsite and inspected 24/7 to ensure DialMyCalls has no service interruptions and that all data is safe.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy and security compliance.

Security & Privacy Compliance