School Notification System Customer Reviews

DialMyCalls is used by more than 40,000 organizations throughout the United States and Canada – thousands of schools rely on our mass notification system. Customers are our top priority and below we have reviews submitted by various schools that utilize our school notification system to send out broadcasts via phone call, text message and email.

“I am a brand new high school teacher with 150 students and I have been overwhelmed with all of the administrative duties teachers have. Everyday I was coming home to call parents about attendance, failing grades and other classroom announcements. It was an extremely cumbersome process and taking up hours of my evenings each night! But now with DialMyCalls, I simply record a message and in minutes I can do what once took hours. This service is phenomenal and affordable enough for a first-year, public school teacher. Thank you.”

Academy of Lifelong Learning

Our group, The Academy of Lifelong Learning, was chartered by Franciscan University of Steubenville and Elderhostel International Institute Network, which now has over 8000 groups internationally. ALL is peer-led, peer-taught non-credit continuing education program for adults. Because of the age of our members we are prone to many “senior moments” and this service is a valuable tool used to remind our members of classes, schedule changes and events. I am so glad that I discovered your service on the internet. It has saved me so much time. I am going to recommend it some other groups to which I belong.

Cleveland Slovak School for Children

This is wonderful. I run a small language school and during the winter months it is always a real challenge to let folks know that school is canceled due to weather. Great service!

Arnold MS Band

I’m a middle school teacher – and that means parent contacts are A MUST! After weeks of calling parents each day to remind them about practices, I decided there HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY! Since finding DialMyCalls, my life has been so much easier! I can send messages to a group of students with the click of a button! My parents are now BETTER informed and more INVOLVED in our activities! I’ve recommended this service to every one I know!

PS 277 PTA

DialMyCalls is just great. It is a valued resource of our elementary school Parent’s Association. We are able to send important messages to the PA members by just simply clicking a few buttons. It is definitely an affordable and effective alternative to back pack notes that are often not read on time.

Insight School of CO

Dial My Calls has saved me countless hours. I am able to contact hundreds of my students at once and remind them about assignments and upcoming class dates or changes.

Jacksboro PTA

I am the PTA President in a small community. I used to call PTA parents to inform them of an upcoming PTA program. The results were fantastic. I had more parents attend that program than ever before. The feedback from the parents about getting the automated call was very positive. was a perfect communication solution for the PTA!

Oceanside UFSD

I needed to find a way to get in touch with 35 of my orchestra students about a last-minute rehearsal cancellation one morning due to my being sick. I stumbled across and was able to notify all of those students so quickly! Setting up my phone book with all of their phone numbers took me literally 5 minutes to do. Congratulations, you now have a life-long customer!!


As a virtual teacher, I need to get important messages to the families I work with. Sometimes this means making calls to every family to tell them one simple message, this takes time away from my students. has made this possible to contact my families while still working with my students.

Lori B.

“Cost effective, creative way to boost sales. I used this service as a way to communicate with a nonprofit’s constituents regarding a fundraising and awareness-building event. There was an immediate return on investment realized!”

71st High School

This service is very cool! I have heard from my colleagues and they made very strong recommendations. Starting from account registration, setting up, and having made the first group calls to all the parents whose child must stay after school to make up the missing assignments, the technicians have helped me step to step! Different from other business and services, you needs to dial hundreds of numbers but could not reach a human being, this service is reachable. You get a technician to respond almost immediately! Very reliable and trustful service!

Pine Forest High School

This is a great time saver for teachers! This allows you to reach out to parents without talking to all 25 of them. I always tell them if they would like to speak with me and schedule a conference, to call the school! Will use each school year!