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2-Way SMS for Churches

Prayer Requests

Set up a custom long code SMS vanity number for your church to fully utilize the power of our 2-Way SMS platform. Church leaders can let congregation members know to text in their prayer requests – all requests will be read instantly by whomever is in charge of the church’s DialMyCalls account. Receive more prayer requests from your church members than ever before by signing up for two-way text messaging today!

Church Event Reminders

Quickly send out an event reminder using DialMyCalls’ church texting service. With our 2-way SMS platform enabled you will be able to see all responses from your texts, instantly. Keep track of all the congregation members that have texted back to you that they will be attending the upcoming event at your church. 1-on-1 text message conversation make it easy to prepare for how many members are going to show up to your next event.

Donation Requests

Are you seeking donations are your church? Would you like to reach your congregation members quickly? Setting up 2-way text messaging will allow you to communicate with your entire religious community from any web browser – we also have a mobile app available for iOS and Android. Create 1-on-1 texting conversations, asking for donations. Keep track of everyone that will donate by viewing their text message replies from your 2-Way SMS interface.

Who Can Use 2-Way SMS Text Messaging?

SMS Solutions for Schools

Create a direct line of communication between teachers and the parents of their students by utilizing two-way texting – teachers and school officials can quickly create a 1-on-1 text with parents. Schools can also combat bullying by setting up a 2-way SMS account for students to text school officials — the two-way texting platform will allow school officials to instantly reply back to students in an effort to thwart any bullying that may occur.

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SMS for Residential Communities

Property Management is a tough task and handling phone calls from hundreds of residents can be a nightmare. With 2-Way SMS you can have residents of each community text your long code SMS vanity number with any questions they may have. Instantly reply back to them from your DialMyCalls account and save a ton of time. 1-on-1 text message conversations make communicating with your community easier than ever before.

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Business SMS Platform

Business text messaging is a brand new way to engage with your customers. Set up your own business SMS platform with DialMyCalls and you will quickly see results. Send out polls to your customers regarding your business and view all replies, instantly. 2-way SMS can also be used for customer support – give out your Long Code SMS number and have customers text you with questions. You are able to see those replies in real-time and respond back within seconds!

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