Team Calling System Customer Reviews

DialMyCalls is used by more than 40,000 organizations throughout the United States and Canada – thousands of coaches and sports leagues rely on our mass notification system. Members are our top priority and below we have reviews submitted by various sports leagues and teams that utilize our mass notification system to send out broadcasts via phone call, text message and email.

Brooklyn Extreme Flag Football

I just started to use the site and I am very pleased with the great service. The call reporting is fantastic. This is a great resource for my youth league to get messages out to the parents and coaches.

Chicago South Swim Club is extremely helpful to our swim club. Although our email system is working, we can not assume everyone has access to their emails at all times. What we have realized is that everyone will at least have their cell phone on them. DialMyCalls is great for giving weekly highlights as well as last minute notices. I’m glad I saw the commercial on CNN.

This has made the most difficult part of being a little league coach EASY! I use to have to wait until I got off work or take away family time to keep all the players and parents updated. Now I make 1 call and back to the family I go! Thank you!

Joliet Titans Youth Football

I am glad I tried this service. I’ve been calling anywhere from 230 to 300 kids a year from the football league one by one. It was so much easier to click a few buttons and make one call to everyone. Now that I have my contact list it will be so easy to get the message out to all the parents. Thanks!

I just switched to from another leading system and love it! The website is easy to use, the pricing is the best I have seen and the system is quick! I wish I knew about you three years ago! I reach about 6,000 numbers per year and need you!

Franklin Greyhounds offers an efficient calling system at a great price. Best of all, it is easy to use! The call reports are extremely helpful in verifying that everyone received the information that was sent out. I highly recommend to anyone needing to get out information in an organized and timely manner. We plan to continue using this service for many years to come.

Killeen Showtime Elite

I just made a phone call to remind parents to have players bring helmets to practice. That day at practice EVERY player had their helmet. We we’re so pleased!

Pop Warner Football

I use DialMyCalls for my Pop Warner football team. It really gets the job done. It makes a coach’s life much easier to control. Everyone should try it at least once.

DialMyCalls is great for calling parents and coaches regarding rain outs and canceled practices.

I love DIALMYCALLS.COM! It is a life saver on time and money. You can call everyone on your team at once. You don’t have to call everyone one by one on your cell if your practice or game has been changed. THANK YOU DIALMYCALLS.COM!


I use for calling all the players on my son\’s baseball team that I manage. It makes it so easy to contact 12 different families. I can even do it on my cell phone while on my train ride home from work if I need to change or cancel a practice or game.

Conquerors AFC

This service is great. We use it for our youth basketball team. We have 12 players and it is important that we get the information to the parents regarding games and practice times. Instead of making 12 different phone calls and being limited with using text messaging, DialMyCalls has become our primary means of communicating to our parents. We are assured that all of our parents receive the details of when and where our games and practices will be. Thank you for a great service.