Plans and Packages For Our Higher Volume Users

Pay As You Go Credit Packages

50,000 Credits3.75¢ Per CreditTotal Price: $1,875.00
100,000 Credits3.5¢ Per CreditTotal Price: $3,500.00
250,000 CreditsCall Us For Pricing1-800-928-2086
500,000 CreditsCall Us For Pricing1-800-928-2086
1,000,000 CreditsCall Us For Pricing1-800-928-2086
1,000,000+ CreditsCall Us For Pricing1-800-928-2086
  • No monthly fees, simply buy credits and use them as needed.
  • Credits never expire, save money by buying them in bulk.
  • 1 Credit = 1 30 Second Call to 1 Number or 1 Text Message.

Monthly Plans

501 - 600 #'s17¢ Per NumberTotal: $104.99 / month
601 - 700 #'s16¢ Per NumberTotal: $114.99 / month
701 - 900 #'s16¢ Per NumberTotal: $144.99 / month
901 - 1,400 #'s15¢ Per NumberTotal: $210.99 / month
1,401 - 2,000 #'s14¢ Per NumberTotal: $280.99 / month
2,001+ #'sCall Us For Pricing1-800-928-2086
  • Perfect for people who call/text the same group of phone numbers each month.
  • No contract! Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the plan at any time.
  • Calls up to 2 minutes in length & with all premium options.


The following advanced features that cost credits below are included for free on all monthly plans.
For credit package users the advanced options are available for only an extra 1/2 credit per call.

  • Push To Repeat Message: ½ Credit Per Call
  • Polling & Surveys: ½ Credit Per Call
  • Push To Forward To Phone Number: $.05 / minute on connected calls.
  • Push To Record Message: ½ Credit Per Call
  • Push To Opt-Out: Included For Free To All Customers
  • SMS Keyword For Texting: $4.95 / month (Unlimited Opt-Ins)

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