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What Does a Call Credit Get You?



DialMyCalls uses credits for our mass notification system, what exactly does a credit get you?

Call credits are DialMyCalls’ automated calling currency. Have I lost you already? Basically, when you sign up for our voice / text message service, you have the option to purchase credits. One single credit is good for a 30-second phone call to one of your contact. Need more than 30 seconds to record your message; that will be one additional credit. Most people only need 30 seconds to record their desired message.

Do you want to send out a 30 second message to 60 contacts on your DialMyCalls phone list? That will cost you 60 phone credits; it’s that simple. Another service that we offer is text message blasting which allows you to send thousands of contacts a text message, instantly. As with our voice message notifications, one text message will cost 1 credit.

Now with our premium service we offer several different calling options which take an additional 1/2 credit to use. The following options will cost you an additional 1/2 credit per call (making 30 calls using a premium call option will cost you…45 credits!):

Push To Leave A Message –

Allow callees to press a key and leave a voice message. These voice messages will be saved and be made available in your call report.

Push To Listen Again –

This allows callees to press a key to repeat the message they just heard. This is a great solution if your message contains important information, such as phone numbers or addresses.

Polling –

This option lets you ask callees a series of questions and then track their responses in your call report.


Push To Opt-Out –


This option allows your callees to press a key to opt-out from any future calls.

Now that you I have explained exactly what a call credit will get you on DialMyCalls, check out our pricing options.



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