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Vanity phone numbers can be an important tool for businesses trying to improve and facilitate communication with customers. Custom local and toll-free phone numbers can help prospects reach you more easily and keep your current customers more engaged.

Buying a Vanity Number with DialMyCalls is the best choice for businesses that are serious about making ease-of-communication a top priority.

What is a Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity number is simply a phone number that’s easier to remember. Businesses use these numbers so that prospects, clients and customers are more likely to reach out to them when they need products or services.

A local vanity phone number allows businesses to use a local area code even if they are located elsewhere. Callers can use a local number, which is then simply connected to a long-distance number. Local vanity numbers can also make customers feel more comfortable calling a particular business, knowing that the business serves their area.

Other vanity phone numbers include toll-free or 800 numbers. They often include words that are related to the business, which makes the company easier to remember, or a string of numbers in an easy-to-recall pattern. Vanity numbers can increase the volume of calls a company receives because customers and prospects don’t need to search for contact information. Vanity numbers are more easily top-of-mind.

Often, multiple custom phone numbers can be created for different purposes but are all directed back to the same company. Using distinct numbers allows the business to know why someone is calling without asking. For example, one vanity number may signal a customer support call while another indicates a new sale inquiry.

Benefits of Buying Vanity Number

A vanity phone number for business offers several benefits to users. They are a simple and effective tool when used appropriately. Here are some potential advantages:

Improve Customer Service

An easy-to-remember customer phone number increases the chance that customers will use the number. That means it will be more likely that customers will call if they have a problem or question instead of simply being angry or complaining to family and friends. As a result, your business will have a greater chance of making things right and improving customer satisfaction.

Customers can use the vanity telephone number to place orders easily or inquire about products, which can boost sales in the long run. In addition, they can call with suggestions and feedback that can be valuable to companies looking for ways to improve their products and services.

Increase Marketing

When your custom phone number reflects what your business offers, it works double duty by providing both contact information and advertising.

Consider vanity phone numbers printed on a billboard or on the side of a van. Something as simple as 1-800-FLOWERS or 770-LAWHELP helps potential customers know what your company does as well as keeps you top-of-mind if they are in the market for flowers or an attorney.

Using a local number can also let potential customers know where your products or services are available. When an audience sees marketing material that includes contact information with a familiar area code, they will know those products and services are available locally.

Boost Brand Recognition

Vanity telephone numbers can boost your brand identity. The easier it is to remember your company name and number, the easier it is to bring it up in conversations with friends, family or colleagues.

Word-of-mouth and recommendations from personal contacts is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Make it easy for prospects and customers to share your brand as they go about their day.

Consider investing resources in creating a witty phrase for your vanity number. People love sharing particularly fun or creative phone numbers during small talk, boosting the recognition of your company even more.


Vanity phone numbers also help establish a business as a professional entity. Often, customers associate these numbers with professionalism, expertise and stability. In addition, if you take advantage of establishing different vanity numbers  for different purposes, you can increase that professional image by addressing your callers by name and a phrase that’s likely to address the reason for their call. That establishes a rapport with your caller as an organization that’s on top of its customers’ needs.

Vanity Toll-free Numbers

Not all vanity telephone numbers are the same. In particular, vanity toll free numbers have one distinct difference from the others: they are always free for the caller.

Eliminating any charges or fees for potential callers further encourages communication, removing one barrier that may prevent someone from calling.

Businesses make an additional investment to cover the cost of the calls in exchange for better and more consistent customer communication. More often than not, this additional expense pays for itself in a higher return on investment and more committed customers.

When considering buying a vanity phone number, it’s important to think about whether a toll-free number is right for you. It may be more expensive, but it may also make you more accessible.

Vanity 800 Numbers

If you’re looking for 800 vanity numbers for sale, you’re seeking a type of toll-free number that routes incoming calls to various local phone numbers. Despite its name, vanity 800 numbers are not only limited to numbers beginning with 800. Calling them 800 vanity phone numbers is simply an easy way to refer to the class of vanity numbers beginning with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833.

Any of these numbers can be used as prefixes for toll-free vanity numbers that lead to local phone numbers. They are simply more memorable—and applicable to a wider range of people—than offering a myriad of local numbers in different geographic locations.

Local Vanity Numbers for Businesses and Organizations

Many businesses want to get a local vanity number to show that their services are available in a certain location.

DialMyCalls also allows businesses to choose the name or number displayed on the recipients’ Caller ID when they call from vanity phone numbers. Businesses can edit the Caller ID Name (CNAM) from within their account to reflect who they are and what their audience should see.

Often, it’s ideal for the CNAM or the vanity number itself to use a local prefix. This lets potential customers know that a company’s product or service is applicable in their area or located nearby. Without a local number, some people may think that a distant corporation cannot adequately meet their needs.

How to Get a Custom Phone Number

If you’re wondering how to get a vanity toll-free phone number, you may have already tried searching for vanity phone numbers for sale. Numbers like these do cost money, as they are unique and tied to a specific business.

If you are planning to purchase a number, you should consider what number is best suited to your business. You should also decide whether you want a vanity toll free number, a local vanity number, or a different number.

In the process of purchasing the number, you’ll find out if it’s still available or already being used by another business.

How to Buy a Vanity Number, and How to Keep It

DialMyCalls makes buying a vanity number easy and affordable for any size business. You can get a vanity number from DialMyCalls for $5.99 per month for local numbers or $9.99 per month for toll-free numbers. These prices include 100 minutes per month. Additional time costs $.05 per minute.

To keep your custom phone number, remember to pay your monthly bill. Otherwise, you risk losing your number. Changing phone numbers can cause a great deal of confusion for any established business.

Setting Up a Vanity Phone Number with DialMyCalls

DialMyCalls makes it simple to purchase, set up, and use vanity phone numbers of all kinds.

Custom vanity phone numbers can be beneficial for small or large businesses and can be simple and easy to set up and use.
Follow these steps to create a vanity phone number with your DialMyCalls account.

  1. Create an account for free. You can import existing contacts or add them manually, divide them into contact groups, and draft potential future mass messages as needed.
  2. Select “Other Services” > “Vanity Numbers” in the top menu bar. Because these numbers are an additional service through DialMyCalls, there is a charge associated with choosing, using, and keeping them.
  3. Decide what kind of number you need, and click on “purchase” below the options for “Purchase by area code” and “Purchase a toll free number.” Remember that purchasing by area code allows you to choose a local number. A toll-free number is more expensive but will allow customers to call you at no cost to them.
  4. Select a vanity number from the list in the box. Keep in mind how memorable a number is or what number combinations could spell words related to your business.
  5. Choose your custom call settings for each purchased number. These explain what callers will hear when they’ve called your phone number and allow you to choose what options you present them in response. For example, a caller could be presented with a recorded message and then have the opportunity to push a specific button and be connected with a live representative.
  6. Choose your caller ID display name. Your CNAM doesn’t have to be the phone number itself. Often, this is the business name or an easily identified nickname so that your audience knows who they’re talking with. It’s important to keep in mind that this display name could mean the difference between a caller answering or not.
  7. Choose your settings for SMS messages via your vanity number. This number can be used to send or receive SMS text messages. Settings related to these texts could include a message sent automatically in response to inquiries or a redirect number for more immediate help.
  8. Set a nickname for your vanity number as it will appear on your DialMyCalls account, to make it easier for you to distinguish between numbers. This nickname is only for you. If your business is making use of more than one of these numbers, it’s important to know which one you’re using at any given time. Giving distinct names to each one allows you to choose more quickly when you’re ready to make a call or send a message.
  9. Select voicemail or usage log to see responses to your sent messages. Remember that these vanity phone numbers can facilitate two-way conversations. Be sure to check for replies or calls and address them accordingly so your audience knows you’re listening.

And that’s it! DialMyCalls users don’t need to worry about complicated processes or coding skills. The software is user-friendly and easily accessible, which saves your business time both in learning the program and using it regularly.

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