Vanity Number

Your phone number isn’t just a string of numbers; it’s a direct line to your customers. The question is, how easy is it for customers to reach you via a phone call?

Although phone calls are effective for bringing customers into your business, phone numbers are hard to remember. While your customers could look your phone number up online, you still want it to be as simple as possible for customers to call you.

Vanity numbers are a great way to help customers remember your number when they’re on the go, increasing call volume and sales.


How Vanity Numbers Work


Vanity numbers are alphanumeric phone numbers that are unique to your business. They work with either a local area code or with an 800 number. Vanity numbers can be longer than a traditional phone number, too, if you need extra characters.

You’ve likely seen vanity numbers on billboards and ads around town. They include numbers like:


  • 1-800-YES-HONDA
  • 800-BUY-TODAY
  • 1-800-HOT-DOGS


Businesses began using vanity numbers decades ago as a way to help customers remember their phone number. In an age before smartphones, this was critical to increase customer calls.

When your phone number is just a string of numbers, it’s easy for customers to transcribe your phone number and call the wrong business.

Vanity numbers make it easier for customers to remember your number, nearly tripling the amount of inbound calls to your business.


Vanity Number Benefits


Vanity numbers have two big benefits for businesses:

  1. Encourage customer calls – Vanity numbers triple the number of inbound calls to businesses. Why? Because vanity numbers are simply easier to remember.Whether your customers see your number on a billboard, vehicle, or website, they’re more likely to remember a vanity number.
  2. Branding – Vanity numbers promote your professional image. They make your value proposition immediately noticeable.For example, you know you can order flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS; it’s their phone number and business name, after all!Vanity numbers promote your business in the process of giving customers your information. Don’t overlook this golden opportunity for better branding.


Vanity Number Best Practices


  1. Use as few numbers as possible – The only numbers in your vanity number should be the area code. Avoid numbers like 123-622-FOOD. The number 123-GET-FOOD is better because it limits numeric characters, making it easier to remember.
  2. Focus on the benefits – Use either your company name or product as part of the vanity number. For example, if you run a massage spa, you could use the number 123-24/7-RELAX. The numbers shows that you give customers a benefit, implicitly encouraging them to call.
  3. Keep it short and simple – Short numbers are easier to remember. Increasing the length of a vanity number decreases the chance that people will dial the correct number. Always keep it short.


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