Political Text (SMS) Message Marketing

Use SMS Marketing to Send Out Political Text Messages and Boost Your Campaign

With DialMyCalls' political SMS marketing you can send out voting day reminders, event alerts, important updates and more. Easily send your alerts via phone call, text message (SMS), and/or email to voters in seconds! Advocacy groups, campaigns, unions and more utilize political text messages to rev up communications with individuals.
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Political Text (SMS) Message Marketing

Types Of Political Campaign Texts Sent By DialMyCalls Customers


Mass notifications are kind of our thing. We’ve been spearheading automated outbound notification systems for over 10 years and adapting our offerings to meet the ever-changing world of technology. Mass notification is not created equal, that’s why we’ve made updates to our software to meet the needs of every business, small and large. We’ve had the opportunity to aid our customers in political campaign texting from event reminders to support call-outs and thank you messages across North America.

By joining DialMyCalls you instantly have the ability to send out thousands of messages to your ideal audience per minute for as little as pennies per text message. Over 40,000 organizations choose DialMyCalls for our ease of use, low prices, equipment-free platform, and top notch customer support.

From event reminders, organizing volunteers, sharing links with supporters for gifting opportunities to rally announcements and more – text messaging to provide efficient communication in as little as seconds. Check out some of the many political campaign examples below!

Local, Statewide and National Political Text Messages Examples:

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Why Use DialMyCalls As Your Political Notification System?

Our business has made a priority in providing the tools your business needs to succeed in the ever changing world of communication. We offer a range of features that were designed with political entities in mind. According to our thousands of customers, DialMyCalls is one of the most reliable, affordable and user-friendly mass notification platforms in the industry. We believe in building relationships with our customers and aiding businesses of all levels of experience in their mass notification journey to provide a secure and easily operated experience. We’re always adapting and adding features and tools to make political campaign SMS notifications as seamless as possible. Our client portfolio includes more than thousands of corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations—including organizations utilizing our platform for political text messages across North America!

Set up a Political Notification System

Organizations can set up a notification system to send out political campaign text messages using DialMyCalls. Do you need to send event invitations, important announcements or connect with staff or constituents? How about a thank you message for volunteers or supporters?   Quickly and easily log into your DialMyCalls account and send out all of your political text messages to opted-in numbers in minutes!   In addition to timely messages, organizations can set up recurring text messages to go out weekly or monthly – this allows them to send out election campaign messages, and vote reminders without the extra legwork.   Looking to approach SMS communication with a focus on personalization? We offer two-way texting directly from our web-based platform to facilitate back-and-forth conversations, along with variable messaging to personalize and customize messages to the contacts within your list.

Recipients can also save, forward, or otherwise share text messages with others.


Get the message out to as many people as possible! Your reach may be more than you realize. After sending a message to a list of contacts, they can loop in other individuals who may be interested in supporting your group. Similar to email, political text messages can be saved, forwarded or shared from one of your contacts, to others.

Mass Text Messaging for Political Campaigns

The key to running your next political campaign more efficiently is better and faster communication with your constituents. However, if you have more than one person running communication efforts, then you need tools that help you communicate clearly, quickly, and affordably. Emails work fine, but they won’t give your audience immediate updates. Phone calls are more personal, but many times your audience misses the call.

That’s where political text messages are a must for your business. DialMyCalls mass texting services allow you to send thousands of texts to a group or organization. With an average open rate of over 90% within three minutes of sending a bulk text, political sms marketing is a must for optimizing your communication efforts.

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Automated Calling System for Political Campaigns

In addition to sending political campaign texts, DialMyCalls also offers mass notification in the forms of email and/or voice broadcasting. Our automated calling system is a tool that allows you to send recorded voice messages to multiple numbers simultaneously, in seconds. The sender can record messages or have speech-to-text messages sent in advance to your entire list of contacts from a single phone number. Our platform also compiles and analyzes response rates and other information about your audience’s reception to the call to help impact your strategy moving forward.

DMC Record A Message

Sending Political SMS and Calls Through Email

Operating a new platform can seem overwhelming, we get it! You can utilize our platform to send SMS or mass calls exactly like you would normally send an email to a group of individuals. Simply type your message and allow us to create a text-to-voice message for you or opt for a personalized voice broadcast to be received by all of your recipients.

Mass Email Service - DialMyCalls

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