“I am a youth minister and have spent hours in the past calling students individually to remind them of an upcoming event or to get out an urgent announcement. With DialMyCalls.com, I cut that time down to about 1 minute. I also love how I can see exactly who answered live and how long they listened so I know if they heard the whole message. DialMyCalls.com is the best website I have stumbled upon all year! Thanks!”

Central Baptist Church

DialMyCalls Case Studies – Wilder Balter (Community Reminders)

Posted by Tim Smith in Property Management on August 9, 2017

Wilder Balter - Community Reminders


DialMyCalls offers a community reminder service that is used by thousands of neighborhoods and property management groups all across the United States and Canada. Communities rely on our service to send out important notifications to residents such as, road closure notices, rent reminders, event notifications, boil water alerts, property inspection reminders, and much more. Let’s take a quick look at how Wilder Balter utilizes DialMyCalls:

Why Did Wilder Balter Need a Community Reminder System?

Wilder Balter had each property manager typing up messages and hand delivering them to residents which consumed a lot of time and resources. The search for an easier solution to notify all residents brought them to DialMyCalls’ community reminder service.

Why Did Wilder Balter Choose DialMyCalls?

Wilder Balter liked the features that DialMyCalls offered. They love sending out a phone blast, hitting everybody without having to go door to door.

What Features Do Wilder Balter Utilize?

Wilder Balter likes the variety of ways to communicate with calls and emails instantly. In bad weather – messages advising to not go out, meetings at clubhouse, reminders about events, notifying about power outages, contractors coming to a specific building, water shutoffs, parking for snow removal, emergencies advising them of anything they should be aware of, reminders about social activities like a BBQ, yoga classes etc.

Feedback From Wilder Balter

“[We] Looked at a few different services and cost was comparable but felt the DialMyCalls site was the most user friendly for sure and it was much easier to get a hold of someone on the phone with questions. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a 10.”

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About Wilder Balter

Wilder Balter Partners, Inc. is a leading residential real estate development firm located in Westchester County, New York. Over the last 30 years, WBP and its affiliates have helped to shape the residential landscape of the Hudson Valley.

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