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Melissa, Property Manager, Wilder Balter, discusses how she uses DialMyCalls to keep her residents informed of events and important announcements. This can be very time consuming, taking a couple hours out of each work day, especially when you have numerous events going on throughout the day.

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Before DialMyCalls, informing residents consisted of typing out the information on a piece of paper and posting on each residence door, or posting it at each building where everyone would see it. During the winter months, they have even used a megaphone to make an announcement letting everyone know when the snow plow was coming so the residents can move their vehicle.

Corporate tried DialMyCalls on a trial basis at a couple of their properties, including Melissa’s properties. They found the service would definitely be helpful, so much so that they recommended it to most of their properties. Working with seniors, they are not always up for change, but very quickly they come to appreciate the new way to receive important information and be kept up to date. It is very helpful when an elevator is down, all they have to do is record the message, schedule the blast to go out to quickly inform the residents when it should be fixed.

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