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Baby Shower Text Invitations - DialMyCalls

Sending SMS Evites: Baby Shower Text Invitations

Having a baby is an exciting milestone in every parent's life. Friends and family often get together to throw a baby shower to help purchase all the necessary clothing, furniture, equipment, and toys for the new arrival. If you’re in charge of planning such an event, consider using a baby shower text invitation to get the party rolling quickly and efficiently.

Sending a baby shower invitation text to invite loved ones to the big event is growing in popularity today. Party planners are often frustrated with paper or email invitations, and the growing reliance of just about everyone on their cell phones makes a baby shower text invitation the logical alternative.

Many online text services have developed creative tools, the ability to segment guest and RSVP lists, and ways to help planners manage all the details of coordinating a creative baby shower for their favorite parents-to-be.

Why Send Your Baby Shower Invitation Through Text Message?

Traditional paper baby shower invitations and announcements can be somewhat cumbersome, inconvenient, and expensive. It often takes a little foresight to make a trip to the store to purchase the perfect invitation, and then it takes time to either find mailing addresses for your guests or to hand deliver paper invitations. If your baby shower attendees live far away, it may cost a small fortune to purchase the necessary postage. The other challenge these days is that paper invitations are frequently lost or misplaced.

Many online services offer email baby shower invitations today. Although email invitations are somewhat more convenient than paper baby shower invitations, they may be inadvertently directed to an invited guest’s spam folder or simply slip too far down in a crowded email box to be opened. Unfortunately, more and more people ignore email communications today and that means your baby shower invitation may be overlooked.

The best way to celebrate a pregnancy is with a baby shower, and the easiest way to get started is to send a baby shower invitation text message. Nearly everyone has a phone today, and text messages rarely go unopened for long. In addition, you probably already have the cell phone numbers of your loved ones stored in your phone, making the whole process much faster and more efficient.

In addition, a baby shower text invitation today can be done just as creatively using SMS technology as with fancy printed materials, while providing extra benefits such as segmenting your guest list and collecting RSVPs.

How To Send Baby Shower Invitations Through Text

If you’re ready to create a baby shower invitation sent through text message, you have several options to do so. Some are very simple, quick and easy, while others can be as fancy and complex as you’d like. Just because a baby shower invitation is sent by text doesn’t mean it has to be boring or unoriginal.

The simplest way to send a baby shower text invitation is to create a group text message. These work just like any other social group text message, and they can be completed in just a few seconds. Although quick group texts are fast and convenient, they often leave room to be desired in terms of form and content, especially for something as exciting as a baby shower.

Fortunately, many online services are available today that allow you to make a beautiful baby shower invitation that can be sent by text. You can be creative with graphics and fonts as well as the type of information you include for your big event. Incorporate your party’s particular theme, color scheme, or focus right into your invitation. You’ll have nearly as much, or perhaps even more, freedom as you would with a paper invitation.

In addition, many of these online services also offer complementary features. For example, you can segregate your guest lists by who is able to attend, those who have not responded, and those who have declined. This allows you to text follow up messages to very specific groups of guests.

You can also include information such as links to a parent’s gift registry, requests for guests to bring photos or ideas for shower games, or inquiries about meal choices. The format, design, and content of a baby shower text invitation are nearly endless.

Getting RSVPs on Your Baby Shower Text Invitation

Trying to secure RSVPs to any events these days seems to be a nearly insurmountable challenge. For party planners, RSVPs are important in order to purchase the appropriate amount of food and beverages as well as organize things like games and seating. However, for those invited to baby showers, they can simply be one more event to squeeze into an already busy schedule. Often people don’t like to commit to attending an event until the very last minute, and as a result, they fail to respond to an initial RSVP request.

When you send a baby shower invitation text, you have the advantage of being able to send multiple reminder requests for an RSVP. If guests do not respond to the initial invitation, and later forget about the event, a reminder email can be scheduled one week before the actual shower asking again for an RSVP. If guests still fail to respond, a final request for an RSVP can be automatically sent a day or two before the event.

The beauty is that these online services allow you to select those reminder dates and times when you first create your baby shower invitation text message. After that, things will automatically be taken care of, which means you no longer need to worry about making the request. No follow-up phone calls or email messages. No phone tag or feeling like you’re bothering your loved ones for an answer. This frees you up, instead, to plan other details of the shower like food and decorations as the date gets closer.

Baby Shower Invitation Text Message Ideas

Planning a baby shower can be lots of fun. Whether you choose to throw a traditional women-only baby shower or a more modern couple’s baby shower, text messaging can make the planning, preparation and guest management much easier throughout the process.

Here are some baby shower invitation text ideas to serve as inspiration for your own shower invitation:

Traditional Baby Shower

Join us on May 5, 1-4 p.m. to celebrate Julie’s new arrival! A Noah’s Ark theme baby shower will be at the Joneses’ home. RSVP by April 30.

When the Gender is Known

Let’s get ready for the arrival of baby William Smith! Brunch is Sunday at 11 am at the Breakfast Nook Restaurant.

Couples’ Shower

We can’t wait to welcome Julia and Bob’s baby girl! Open house at Elm Park, Shelter 3. July 5, 1-5 pm for fun, games and food. Go to gift registry link.

Surprise Shower

Shhh! Surprise baby shower on 10/16 for Kim. Be at Jessie’s house, 566 Elm Ave. No later than 1 p.m. with your gifts in tow for her new arrival. RSVP by 10/8.

Feel free to use any of these baby shower invitation text samples or modify them slightly to get your party planning off the ground quickly and easily.

Choosing the Right Platform to Send Your Baby Shower SMS Messages

Are you ready to start sending a baby shower text invitation? If you want to go beyond a simple group text, you’ll want to select an online text service provider.

When you’re evaluating services, be sure to find a provider who can easily import your contact list from your phone. The last thing you want to be doing is rekeying phone numbers online! You also want to be able to segregate your invitation guest list, which will make it easier to send very targeted text messages throughout the shower planning process.

If you’ve got a creative streak, be sure to check out what types of graphics, images, animations, or even short videos are available for a baby shower text invitation. You may want to consider the different fonts, layouts, and templates the provider offers.

Finally, you’ll want to understand how RSVPs are collected and whether the service offers two-way text communications. You may want to collect important items such as personal details or pictures for fun shower games, meal or food preferences, or other party contributions.

If you’re interested in learning more about sending a baby shower invitation text message, DialMyCalls can help. Our service makes it easy, quick and affordable to send a baby shower text invitation and other related text messages throughout your planning process. Sign up for a free account, and you’ll be able to try the service at no charge during a free trial.

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