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Text Message Wedding Invitations

As texting becomes one of the main methods of communication in our world, it’s natural that it should spread into other areas of life besides casual day-to-day messaging. Nearly everyone has easy access to SMS messaging; and it’s reliable, affordable, and easy to use. So why not send a wedding invitation text message to share the details of your big day with friends and family?

Using SMS messages to share your love story goes way beyond a run-of-the-mill text message. Instead, wedding invitations sent by text message are a building block for you to communicate the details, collect RSVPs and meal preferences, share pictures and details, and generally keep everyone up-to-date in the days, weeks and moments to your big day.

Text invitations allow you to reduce the costs associated with paper invitations and increase the amount of communication you have with your guests. Keeping in closer touch can help everyone take a more intimate role in sharing your wedding festivities.

Benefits of Sending Wedding Invitations via Text

Sending a wedding invitation text message to guests can mean significant benefits for you as the bride / groom of your big day. Not only are SMS text messages much more cost effective than formal paper invitations, but they are more convenient to send and track.

In addition, you’ll be able to send short messages as time goes on, keeping everyone up to date on changes or reminders about pending items. Text messages are a great way to share your love story, pass along photos of your engagement, and plan things like food and dress. By using two-way SMS messaging, you can also engage your guests in meal selections or other choices associated with the wedding festivities.

Cost Effective

Traditional wedding invitations can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, once you calculate the cost of printing save-the-date notifications, the invitations themselves, RSVP cards, and envelopes. Add the cost of postage for both the invitations and the RSVPs, and the invitations alone can absorb a significant part of your wedding budget.

Sending a wedding invitations text message to each guest can mean significant cost savings, which can be redirected to other wedding day priorities.

Track Invitations in One Place

Keeping track of which invitations have been sent, who has responded, which guests can attend the marriage and which ones sent regrets can be a job in and of itself. When you use a wedding invitations text message system, you can easily keep track of those details efficiently and accurately.

If you use a bulk SMS service, you can easily tie keywords to specific groups of guests. For example, those we can attend the ceremony may respond back with the keyword “IMCOMING” while those who cannot make it can text back “REGRETS”. Future text messages can be sent to specific subgroups of guests, making your communication more targeted and relevant to recipients.

Plan Various Parts of Wedding

Besides using text messages to collect which guests can attend and which ones cannot, follow-up wording can be sent to help you plan various parts of your wedding. For example, if you will require a certain dress code at the pre-wedding festivities or at the reception itself, this information can be communicated via text.

If you’re planning on serving a meal, text messages are excellent to collect meal preferences or dietary restrictions, which can help you provide more accurate information to your caterers. This, in turn, can help you save money by not ordering too many meals for your reception.

Gift registries can also be easily shared and linked to via a wedding invitations text message system, helping your guests stay organized before your big day.

Text to Vote 

Collecting dietary restrictions or meal preferences can be one of those details that can drive a bride-to-be crazy, especially with large wedding parties. Caterers often require final counts and meal requests a week or two in advance. By using text to vote capabilities, you can easily ask and remind your guests to send you their preferences before the deadline.

Text Message Wedding Invitation Samples & Templates

Although both SMS and MMS formats allow you some creative license on creating your wedding text communications, here are some wedding invitations text samples / examples to help get your creative juices flowing.

Save-the-Date Sample

Jack and Sally cordially invite you to celebrate their wedding at 2 p.m. on May 4 in Indianapolis. Details will follow, but will you join us?

Invitation Sample

It’s official! Jack and Sally will be tying the knot at Holliday Park at 2 p.m. on May 4 in Indianapolis. A dinner reception will follow. RSVP by April 1.

Registry Request

Thanks for asking for our registry link. Here it is: https://dialmycalls/mJI.

Meal Preferences

The big day is almost here! Please send us your meal preferences at the following link: https://dialmycalls/dd8.

Last-Minute Change of Venue

Looks like rain tomorrow! Please meet us for the wedding at the Downtown Civic Center, 123 Main St., at 2 p.m. instead!

Requesting Wedding Invitations RSVPs via Text

Collecting RSVP to wedding invite via text is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using a wedding invitations text message system. These days, it is very easy to lose RSVP cards whether you’re the one sending or receiving them. Having them all available on your phone can mean much fewer headaches as your big day approaches.

If you’re interested in learning more about sending wedding invitations by text message, give DialMyCalls a shot! Our service  makes it easy, quick and affordable to send wedding invitations and other related text messages throughout your planning process. Sign up for a free account and you’ll be able to try the service at no charge during a free trial.

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