Birthday Invitation Text Message | How-To & Examples [2023]

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Birthday Text Invitations - DialMyCalls

Birthday Party Text Message Invitations

Looking for the best way to invite your friends and family to a birthday party? Well, the fastest and easiest way is to send a birthday invitation text message.

After all, texting is the most personal form of communication, and also tends to be the one people check the most. By communicating via SMS or MMS, you ensure your text message invitations are always seen, and quickly.

In fact, it’s so easy to get started that you can plan your birthday party months in advance or spur of the moment. As long as you have all of your invitees' phone numbers, all you need to do is import them, write your invite, and click send.

So, in this article we’ll explain how to send birthday party invitation texts, as well as share some examples and templates. We’ll also cover how to use a mass texting service, like DialMyCalls, to start sending out your invites in no time.

Why Send Birthday Party Invitations via Text?

Sending birthday party invitations via text comes with a number of unique benefits that other methods of delivery lack. 

Below we discuss the top reasons for inviting people to your birthday party via text message.

Birthday Party Text Invite vs Email Invite

While email birthday invitations share some benefits with SMS invites, texting is usually better because it’s the most personal form of communication. After all, it’s where most people talk with their friends and family members.

Meanwhile, email invites can often get buried in cluttered inboxes or accidentally re-routed to a spam folder. 

Additionally, because most people receive SMS notifications, they’ll likely see your birthday party text invite within just minutes of delivery.

Birthday Party Text Invite vs Paper Invitations

While some people may like the idea of paper invitations, they are a lot slower, more expensive, and harder to RSVP to than SMS messages.

If you’re hosting a large birthday party, you could rack up a significant bill just in cards and postage alone. 

However, by sending SMS invitations instead, you can redirect those funds to food, beverages, entertainment, or party favors.

Best of all, you can still make your birthday text invite fun by using MMS messaging. You could even design a traditional-looking card but send it via text instead of through snail mail. 

Ultimately, you have the choice of sending a simple two-line text, or getting more creative with multimedia. This flexibility is part of what makes text invitations for birthday parties a great tool.

Send Follow Up Texts

Another nice feature of the birthday invitation text message is the fact that you can schedule as many follow-up texts as you’d like.

For example, try sending out your initial birthday SMS invitation as soon as you set the date for your big event. Then, as your event gets closer, remind your friends and family of the big event with follow-up text birthday invitations. 

You can even choose to send out personalized reminders to those who remembered to RSVP and those who have not yet responded. 

This process is simple using our contact management system. Simply segment your contact list into those who have RSVP’d and those who haven’t, write a separate message for each group, and click send.

Personalize Each Invite

Although some people may believe that text birthday invitations are impersonal, it’s easy to address each guest by name with SMS text messages. 

Using our variable messaging feature, you can customize every message with variables like @FirstName, @email, and more. You can even use the @miscellaneous variable to insert whatever info you want into the message.

You might also consider using MMS text messages for the ability to incorporate images, videos or more text into your birthday invitations.

What Should You Include In Your Birthday Invitation Text Message?

When drafting your birthday invite text message, there are a few key things you should remember to include. We explain all the essential elements of a well-written invite below.

Date And Time

Including the date and time is arguably the most important element of your invite. This way, people know to keep their schedules clear on the day or evening of the party. 

Also, be sure to give some thought to when you’ll throw the party. While ideally you can celebrate on your actual birthday, if it falls on a weekday, it may make more sense to wait until the weekend.

Be sure to let everyone know about your party at least a few weeks ahead of time, and clearly state the event date and time. For example, it often helps to include the day of the week in your message, like “Saturday, November 11”.


Like the date and time, communicating the location of your party in your birthday invite text message is absolutely essential. After all, knowing the location is vital for invitees to know if they’ll be able to attend.

If your party is at a well-known spot like a restaurant, just mentioning the restaurant’s name should be fine. However, it sometimes makes sense to include the address in your birthday invite SMS as well.

Other Birthday Party Details

You may also want to include a few other important details about your birthday party. Whether you’re having a slip-and-slide birthday party for your child or a formal dress birthday party for your spouse, be sure to let everyone know!

While you should try to include a few fun details, try keeping your message concise. If you’re using SMS rather than MMS, there may be a character limit to keep in mind. So, use your words wisely to communicate clearly.

RSVP Details

Finally, one more thing you should include in your birthday invitation texts is how attendees can RSVP. If you use a mass texting service like DialMyCalls, your guests can reply directly to your message with our two-way texting feature.

Better yet, their responses will only be visible by you, and you won’t need to worry about overwhelming group chat spam!

Birthday Party Text Invitation Examples

If you’re ready to get started, here are some birthday party text invitation examples. You can use a sample verbatim, or use them as inspiration for your own unique birthday text invite.

Birthday Dinner Invitation Text Message

A birthday dinner is often a more intimate or sophisticated event, so your text message invitation should match the tone. 

Be sure to provide key details, while also setting the stage for an enjoyable evening with close friends or family. Here is a birthday party dinner invitation text message sample:

Sam is celebrating the Big 5-0! Share in the fun. 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday, June 5 – Light dinner, please text back how many will come!

Birthday Party Invitation Card Text

If you like the visual appeal of a traditional paper card invite but don’t want the hassle of making and mailing invitations, consider using MMS. This stands for Multimedia Message Service, which allows you to include pictures, videos, and more in your message.

If you want to show off your creativity and graphic design skills, this can be a fun way to get people excited for your party.

However, even for those with no design skills, you can still use pre-existing design templates from a site like Canva. While there are tons of styles to choose from, you can see one fun example below.

Casual Birthday Party Invitation Card Example

On the other hand, if you’re going for a slightly classier vibe, you might prefer a design template more like this one:

Fancy Birthday Party Text Invitation Card Example

Birthday Invitation Text Message For Adults

When crafting a birthday invitation text message for adults, the style and tone of the message will depend on the type of event and who you’re inviting.

Whether it’s a classy affair, a casual get-together, or a surprise party, be sure to match the tone of the message to the expected atmosphere of the event. Here’s an example:

We’re throwing a surprise party for Jacob’s 35th! 5 p.m to 10 p.m., Saturday, June 5 – My home – Respond directly to let me know how many are coming!

Birthday Invitation Message For Kids

Birthday invitation text messages for kids should communicate all the key information parents need to know for the event.

For example, be sure to provide a date and time, location, and mention any activities or special festivities you have planned.

Party alert! Johnny is turning 8! Come enjoy snacks and a bouncy house Saturday, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., May 25 –  My house, please RSVP by May 18.

Birthday Invitation Message For Friends

When inviting friends, the message is often more casual and personal. You can inject your personality or humor into it and make it feel personal.

Ultimately, your birthday party text invite should include whatever you think will get your friends excited to celebrate with you!

Hey Alex! It’s my big 30!  Join me at The Cozy Corner on Nov 20th, 7 PM. Let’s make it epic! RSVP by Nov 15th. -Jamie

Birthday Party Text Message Template

If you’re struggling to write your birthday text invitation, don’t worry! You can just plug your information into the template below, and you’ll have an invite that’s ready to send.

Hey @FirstName ! You’re invited to [name’s] [age] birthday bash from [start time] to [end time] on [date] at [venue]. We’ll be [insert activity, like eating a light dinner or doing karaoke]. Please respond directly if you can make it, hope to see you there!

This message is clear, concise, and to the point. However, feel free to get a little creative and make some changes. Just be sure to include the four main elements of a great birthday invite text we discussed earlier.

How to Invite Someone To A Birthday Party Through Text

If you’re throwing a smaller party, you may be able to simply send a group message to invite people. However, for large parties, or those who wish to send a text to multiple contacts without a group message, using a mass texting service is the way to go.

Additionally, using a bulk SMS platform allows you to easily collect RSVPs. After all, tracking attendance in a messy group chat could be frustrating. Meanwhile, DialMyCalls can automatically track responses so you know who’s going.

To get started, you need to create a DialMyCalls account and add or import your contacts. From there, you can draft your first birthday text invite. You can even choose to send it immediately or schedule it to go out at a specific day and time.

Finally, you can monitor RSVPs via your dashboard. As the party gets closer, you may also consider sending out a follow-up reminding people of the RSVP deadline and event date.

Birthday Text Invitations Sample

How To Request Birthday Party RSVPs via Text Message

When you send out your birthday party invite texts, be sure to let your recipients know how they can RSVP. 

The easiest way is to ask friends and family to simply hit the reply button to let you know. 

However, you could also include a link to a third-party site if you need to collect more detailed information, like dietary restriction info, number of guests, and more.

Send Out Your Birthday Party Text Invite Now

Birthday party text invites are the quickest and simplest way to let your friends, family, and other guests know about your upcoming event. All you need to do is add your invitees, write your message, click send, and watch the RSVPs roll in.

If you’re interested in sending your first text birthday invitation, then DialMyCalls mass texting service is perfect for you. 

You’ll not only be able to send birthday text invites, but you’ll also have access to a suite of other mass texting features. 

To get started and spread the word out about your party, sign up here!

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