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Do People Prefer Text Messages or Phone Calls in 2018? Find out Now!

Are SMS Text Messages Better Than Automated Phone Calls?


If you're interested in mobile marketing, you may be wondering whether you should focus your efforts on SMS text messaging, or on pre-recorded automated phone calls. It's a great question - and it has stumped marketers for quite a while!

So what's the right choice for modern marketers? Do today's customers and clients prefer phone calls or SMS messages? In this article, we'll look at the pros and cons of text messaging and phone calls - and help you figure out which option is right for you! Let's get started.


SMS Text Message Marketing 2018

The Pros and Cons of SMS Text Messages

SMS text messaging is much newer than marketing with phone calls. SMS messages have only really been widespread for about two decades, but they are a very powerful marketing tool. Let's take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of using SMS marketing now.


  • 99% open rate - 99% of all text messages are opened, and 90% of these are opened within 3 minutes.
  • Real-time delivery and marketing messages - Because SMS messages are opened so quickly, they are great for time-sensitive offers and marketing messages to your opted-in customers.
  • Highly interactive - It's easy to set up DialMyCalls to allow two-way SMS text messaging, polls, and more via SMS text messages - boosting customer engagement!


  • SMS messages are limited to 160 characters - It can be tough to fit your marketing message into such a small space, so emails or voice messages may be better for some companies.
  • Users may leave your service if you send too many messages - Users have to "opt-in" to receiving your SMS messages. If you spam them with messages, they will leave - reducing your market size.
  • Not everyone uses SMS (businesses) - Some people still use landlines - especially at small businesses, so you can't use SMS text messages to contact all your customers.
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Six Easy Ways to Boost Sales at Your Bakery

Top 6 Tips to Boost Sales at Your Bakery
If you're a baker, you know how important it is to maintain a strong base of customers. Bakers are faced with a unique challenge - though the main ingredients of bread are quite inexpensive, the labor involved in baking is quite intensive. In addition, many baked goods are only at peak, sellable freshness for one or two days.
Combined, these two factors mean that it is absolutely essential to sell as much of your baked goods as you can each day - otherwise, quite a bit of time and money may go to waste. If you're having trouble attracting people to your bakery, and need some advice, you're in the right place.
In this article, DialMyCalls will take a look at a few of the best ways that you can boost sales at your bakery, and bring in more customers!
Social Media - Top 6 Tips to Boost Sales at Your Bakery

1. Get Active on Social Media

Bakeries can do exceptionally well on social media - particularly image-based social media networks such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest. Professional baked goods - from bread to muffins, cupcakes, pastries, and more - always look amazing!
Using a social networking platform to post pictures of your latest creations is a sure-fire way to get the mouths of your customers watering - and to convince them to come to your shop for a quick pastry before they go to work.
You can also use social media to advertise changes to your lineup of goods, special promotions, and your other services. This makes it easier to keep your most loyal customers "in the loop", which leads to better overall sales.
Product Display - Top 6 Tips to Boost Sales at Your Bakery

2. Display, Display, Display!

Because baked goods are so photogenic, the display case is a key part of your advertising strategy. Don't skimp - make sure you have several large display cases in the front of your shop, loaded up with the most attractive and aesthetically-appealing products that you sell!
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How Can You Run a Successful Farmers Market?

Top 5 Tips to Run a Successful Farmers Market

Fall 2017 Update: We have added a few suggestions to help celebrate the change of seaons at your local farmers market.

Are you interested in running a farmers market? Farmers markets are awesome ways to help the community connect, provide people with high-quality local food, and have quite a bit of fun while doing so!

Running a successful farmers market isn't easy. It's a lot of work - and though the rewards are great, you should know some of the basic rules about running a successful farmers market before you get started.

We here at DialMyCalls have compiled a quick list of 5 tips that will help you organize, run, and manage a successful farmers market! Whether you're a market manager, or just interested in farmers markets, read on, and learn about these secrets to success!


Hyperlocal - Top 5 Farmers Market Tips

1. Coordinate With Local Farmers, Consumers, and the Community

This is the first - and most important - step to running a successful farmers market. You need to balance the goals, objectives, and needs of each group to ensure that each one is satisfied.

  • Farmers - It's important to choose a time and a season that works well for local farmers, and will allow them to sell their food to consumers for a long period of time, and at peak freshness. You also need to choose a time for the farmers market that fits their busy schedule.
  • Consumers - Consumers will want a wide variety of locally grown, fresh foods, a diverse selection of goods, and prices that are reasonable.
  • Community - The community at-large should be involved with the process of planning a farmers market. The input of community leaders, town officials, and committees should be taken into account when planning a farmers market, to ensure maximum positive effects on the community.

By balancing these 3 factors, you can be sure that your farmers market will succeed!

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6 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using DialMyCalls for Surveys!

Top 6 Reasons For Your Business To Use DialMyCalls' Phone Surveys

If you're running a small business, you should be performing regular surveys to understand the experiences of your customers - that's just a fact. Surveys are one of the most powerful methods to obtain honest, truthful customer feedback, and track the overall performance of your business.

But what's the best tool to perform surveys? There are dozens of online platforms, but these can be difficult to use, and usually require quite a bit of effort on the part of your customers. That means that you're less likely to get much engagement - rendering your survey somewhat useless.

DialMyCalls, however, offers powerful survey functionality. By sending surveys via SMS text message and phone call directly to customers who have opted-in, DialMyCalls can provide an unparalleled level of consumer engagement, and allow your business to benefit from the feedback of your customers!

Read on, and learn about the top 6 reasons that your business should be using DialMyCalls for surveys.


Feedback - Business Phone Surveys

1. Get Honest Feedback From Past Customers

There is nothing more powerful than honest feedback from your past customers. Whether it's good or bad, customer feedback allows you to improve your business, and see how well you and your staff are doing.

And because DialMyCalls makes it simple and easy to obtain feedback from past customers, you can count on a strong engagement rate! Your customers will be able to quickly and easily respond to your surveys, and they'll give you the honest truth about how well your business is performing, and where you could improve.

By using this feedback - whether good or bad - to improve your business, you can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, and have a better understanding of the overall performance of your company.

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4 Ways Auto Repair Shops Can Communicate Better With Customers

Top 4 Tips for Auto Repair Shops to Increase Customer Loyalty

If you're running an auto shop, you're probably looking for a way to increase your profits, gain a better reputation in your community, and win over loyal customers for life.

Communication is the best way to accomplish all three of these goals. By simply communicating with customers more effectively, you can ensure the success of your auto shop. Read on, and read about the top 4 ways you can increase your communication skills, and enhance customer loyalty - and satisfaction!


Listen - Auto Repair Shop Tips

1. Listen To Your Customers

The first thing you need to do is truly understand your customers. Let's face it - nobody really wants to come to an auto shop. From basic maintenance to full-scale repairs, most people view your business as an inconvenience.

Because of this, you should do everything you can to listen to your customers, and be honest and genuine when interacting with them. Empathize with their issue, and truly understand what they want from you.

This is the basis of all effective communication - listening. Listen to your customer, and they'll tell you what they want. This makes it easy to deliver services that will satisfy them, and increases the effectiveness of your communication!

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How to Retain Members in Your Gym

How to Retain Members in Your Gym

Many gym directors focus most of their efforts on the recruitment of new members - especially when it's summer, or the New Year swings around. This is important - many gyms rely on the profit gained from new members to continue operating.

However, just recruiting new members to your gym is not enough to ensure your success. In fact, most gyms and health clubs suffer from a 50 yearly "attrition" rate - meaning that around 50% of your membership will leave each year. Reducing this number is critical to maintaining profitability, and running a more successful gym.

Not only that, long-term members can be significantly more profitable to your gym. According to a 1990 study by Reichheld & Sasser, a 5-year member of a gym can be up to 377% more profitable than a new member.

Finally, the competition in the marketplace is getting stiffer. The number of U.S. gyms and fitness centers has been increasing at a steady pace. In 2008, only around 30,000 gyms were in operation across the U.S. Today, that number has increased more than 20%, to 36,000.

The numbers don't lie. To succeed in today's hyper-competitive world, your gym needs to focus on retaining members - not just recruiting new ones.

So to help you create a comprehensive membership retention system, we've put together 3 simple ways your gym can increase loyalty and retain more members.


Membership Incentives - Gym Member Retention Tips

1. Offer Incentives To Members

People like to feel appreciated - and if you offer long-time members incentives, they're much more likely to stick around. Providing incentives to members who stay active in your gym for a certain period of time is a great way to increase membership retention rates.

Here are a few ways you could offer incentives to your members:

  • Coupon booklets - Does your gym offer personal training, massages, or other club activities? Giving members a coupon booklet after a certain period of membership at your gym - whether in person, or via email or text - is a fantastic way to reward them, while still ensuring that they'll use your gym's services!

  • Run sweepstakes and giveaways - Using advanced SMS text message technology like DialMyCalls, it's incredibly easy to set up sweepstakes and giveaways for loyal gym members.

    You don't have to offer high-value rewards - things like workout gear, nutrition bars and supplements, and branded items are perfect. While the monetary value of these items may be low, your members will appreciate that you're engaging with them. And if they win, they're sure to become more loyal to your gym!

  • Set up contests for your members - Everybody likes a challenge, especially if they're rewarded for winning!

    Run a contest that helps encourage members to come in regularly. Events like signing in at the gym, attending a group fitness class, or participating in other club activities are rewarded with "points" - and whoever has the most points at the end of the month wins a prize!

If you choose to implement one of these techniques, you're sure to see membership retention climb. Your members will feel more special and recognized, and they'll keep coming back for years to come!

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