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How to Use Landline Texting for Small Businesses

Posted by Brooklin Nash in Customer Reminders on March 3, 2020

How to Use Landline Texting for Small BusinessesHow can small businesses use landline texting?

There’s more than one answer to this question. Landline texting is a multi-use tool, and an important part of any small business’s communications toolbox.

Small business owners can use landline texting in many ways, and it can save them both time and money. But before looking at just how small businesses can use a text-enabled landline phone number, it’s important to know what exactly landline texting is.

Here, we dive into the specifics about landline texting, how landline texting is best used by small businesses and how to get started using DialMyCalls’ mass notification platform.

What Is Landline Texting?

If you’ve ever wondered how to get started using text messages to communicate with customers or employees when you’ve previously used only a landline, landline texting is the answer. This tool allows an existing landline number to send and receive mass text messages.

DialMyCalls allow users to text-enable an existing landline number with their account. Then, using this account, users can send and receive text messages. The service is called landline texting because you can use a landline phone number, not because a landline phone is actually sending or receiving the messages.

In the case of DialMyCalls, users can access these texts via a web browser or a mobile app.

Cell phone service providers cover both calling and messaging services. Landline service providers cover only calls. DialMyCalls can cover the text messaging part of the service for the same landline phone number – this allows the existing number to be used for texting.

landline texting for small business

Why Is Landline Texting Important for Small Businesses?

Most small businesses do everything they can to incorporate tools that streamline efficiency and communication as long as they can do it for a reasonable price.

This is where landline texting comes in.

Texting is an important tool for small businesses. Text messages have applications in marketing, announcements, employee alerts, and most other communication.

However, it can be pricey and time-consuming to change from a landline phone to a cell phone. Most small businesses already have their existing landline number printed on resources or in the phone book and they work with business partners who already have that number saved.

Landline texting allows small businesses to keep the same number, but add a text messaging feature. This way, nothing changes for your customers, partners, or staff except that there are more communication options available to them.

Examples of Texting for Small Businesses

Landline texting is a great way to add texting as a feature to an existing landline number. But why is it important to add this feature?

For one thing, millennials are now the most represented generation in the workforce. The stereotype that millennials prefer texting to calling is often true.

What’s more, texting can be used in ways that voice calls can’t. For example:

  • Recipients can save text messages, so the information doesn’t have to be recorded for the recipient to access it later.
  • Texts are visual, which caters to a different learning or remembering style than audio messages.
  • Text messages leave less room for miscommunication, as the message must be succinct and clear.
  • Users can type and schedule texts in advance, meaning that your audience can receive messages even when you aren’t on the clock.
  • Text messages can include maps, links, pictures, videos, and other additions that aren’t possible via phone call.

These features of texting make it a useful tool for sending out coupons, notifying your audience about events or changes, reminding your staff of an upcoming meeting, or receiving feedback from customers.

landline texting for small business

How Can Small Businesses Get Started With Landline Texting?

The good news for small businesses is that getting started with landline texting is simple, fast, and affordable. This is true even for those who are unfamiliar with landline texting and DialMyCalls.

Text-Enable Landline Phone Number - DialMyCalls

Follow these steps to set up landline texting for an existing small business phone number:

  1. Create an account on DialMyCalls and log in.
  2. Select “Other Services” at the top of your screen.
  3. In the dropdown menu, select “Text-Enable Landline.”
  4. Input the landline phone number that you would like to use for landline texting. *Remember, this must be a landline phone number. A cell phone number will not work.
  5. DialMyCalls will send over the documents needed to text-enable your landline phone number.
  6. Once the documents are signed, wait for an email from the DialMyCalls support team stating that your number has been approved. Once you receive this email, your number will be automatically added to your DialMyCalls account.

Important Note:DialMyCalls accounts are completely free. However, you’ll need to purchase credits or a monthly plan to make phone calls or send mass texts. To receive messages, you’ll also need to make sure that 2-way texting is enabled for your account.

What Else Can I Do With DialMyCalls?

A DialMyCalls account includes more than just a service to text-enable a landline number. DialMyCalls also offers the ability to send mass text messages, voice broadcasts, and email blasts. Additionally, we offer extra features such as vanity phone numbers and SMS short codes.

All in all, DialMyCalls is an affordable way to improve communication – and for small businesses, quality communication can quickly lead to success.