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8 Extremely Effective Tips for Marketing Your Next Conference or Trade Show

Top 8 Trade Show Marketing Tips


If you're an event manager, and you're responsible for the marketing and promotion of a conference or trade show, it can be hard to know where to begin. Many trade shows and conferences are very industry-specific, so gauging the best methods of marketing is often quite a challenge.

In this article, we'll take a look at 8 extremely effective ways you can market your next conference or trade show.


Rewards - Top 8 Trade Show Marketing Tips

1. Reward Returning Attendees

This is one of the best ways to ensure that you start strong when marketing an event like a conference or trade show. If someone has attended your show in the past, chances are that they're going to be very interested in returning - especially if you give them additional benefits and bonuses.

Using an email newsletter, traditional direct mailers, or SMS marketing from DialMyCalls, you can reach out to attendees that came to your show last year, and offer them special promotions and offers that will make them more likely to purchase a ticket.

You could offer them significant discounts on a ticket, for example, or a special "meet and greet" session with an industry luminary who is speaking at your conference. You could even offer a special keynote or workshop that's available only to those who have attended your conference before - your options are limitless!


Early Bird Tickets - Top 8 Trade Show Marketing Tips

2. Sell "Early Bird" Tickets

You want to make sure you start selling tickets as soon as possible, and one of the best ways to do that is with early bird pricing. Offering a reasonable discount for folks who buy their tickets early is a great way to make them take action! Once they see that prices will go up if they wait, they're sure to want to attend.

You can also consider offering discounts to large groups from a single company. This will encourage more attendees, and a better overall turnout.

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Top 7 Ways Event Promoters Can Sell More Tickets

Top Event Promotion Tips

Event promoters have a tough job. Whether you're promoting a concert at an enormous venue, or simply trying to bring in more people for a special event at a bar or nightclub, it can be tough to sell as many tickets as you need to - and turn a profit.

Below are 7 valuable tips that will help you promote your next event:


Early Sales - Top Event Promotion Tips

1. Start Selling Tickets Early

Do you want to know the #1 thing that will stop someone from going to an event they're interested in? If they see an announcement about your event, go to your website, and find out they can't buy tickets yet!

A customer who wants to buy a ticket - but can't - may become frustrated, and then never come to your event. Alternatively, they might try to remember your event and get a ticket when it goes on sale - but they could forget, and fail to purchase their ticket in time.

Either way, this results in a lost sale. So you should start selling tickets early - ideally, as soon as you announce your event. You can even offer discounts and special promotions to customers who pre-purchase tickets - "early-bird" specials are always popular among event-goers.


Group Discounts - Top Event Promotion Tips

2. Offer Group Discounts

Most people don't go to concerts, events, or shows alone. So take advantage of this! You can raise the prices of individual ticket slightly, but offer group discounts.

You could offer discounts based on the size of the group. For example, maybe a group of 4 is eligible for a 10% discount on every ticket - while a group of 10 or more can get a 25% discount.

Group discounts are super helpful for marketing your event. Money-conscious consumers will try to recruit their friends and family to come to your event so that they can save money - that's the best "word-of-mouth" marketing that money can buy!

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Tips on Making Your Knights of Columbus Council a Raving Success

Knights of Columbus Tips

For over 120 years, the Knights of Columbus organization you are a member of has been uniting Catholic men around the nation and the world. Now in charge of your own council of the biggest organization of its kind, you are charged with increasing membership, fundraising and organizing meetings.

As a fraternal service organization, the Knights of Columbus have a long standing history of benevolence in their communities and advocacy for Catholic rights. You can better serve these long standing missions by adopting the following tips to better your council:

Make Yourself Known

One of your biggest barriers towards a higher membership rate is as simple as letting like-minded individuals know you are here. Utilize the local churches in your area and make a post in their Sunday bulletins. Ask to speak briefly at the end of mass, or have the priest speak on your behalf. The more men who are aware of your existence, the better your chances of increasing your numbers.

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10 Tips for Being a Top Seller of Cookies for Your Girl Scout Troop

Tips For Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Selling Girl Scout Cookies is a time honored tradition that young girls have been taking a part in for decades. With a unique selection of delicious treats that are only available for a limited time, these should be an easy sell. Yet competition is high, and girl scouts and their troops need to be creative if they want to grab the attention of the cookie lovers in their area.

Top 10 Tips for Selling Girl Scout Cookies:

1) Repeat Business

Look over last year's sales sheets and give an early call to your best customers.

2) Get off the Block

Residential neighborhoods are saturated with door to door cookie sellers. Take your selling skills to local business districts and malls. There is great opportunity to make bulk sales with local small businesses, where you have multiple employees to make your sales pitch to.

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Frightening Good Tips on Throwing a Great Halloween Party

Halloween Party Tips

Halloween does not have to be just for the kids. This is the perfect holiday to let the kid in you don a Superman cape and have some fun with your friends. If you are thinking about kicking the holiday season off early this year with a Halloween party at your home here are some tips to ensure that all your ghosts and goblin friends can make it, and that they have a frighteningly good time.

Pick a Theme: This is not as corny as it may sound. When it comes to playing dress-up, grown-ups need a little more coaxing than kids do. Go traditional with a scary monster theme, or pick a decade. The '70's were fun or go old school with a '20's theme. Once you give your invitees a nudge in the right direction, they will come up with their own creative costumes.

Choose the Date: Halloween is the wrong night to throw a Halloween party. For one, you are going  to spend half the night doling out candies to young trick-or-treaters. Secondly, a good amount of the people you want to come are going to have to bow out in order to do the same at their home. Pick a Friday or Saturday night before Halloween for your party. This will let you give your full attention to all of your guests, plus no worries about getting up early for work the next day.

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Plan A July 4th Party With Automated Event Invitations

July 4 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 marks our Independence Day and millions of Americans will be celebrating by having their friends and family over for BBQ's, pool parties and other various summertime activities.

Plan the perfect Fourth of July party with your friends and family by using DialMyCalls' automated party invitations. Record an entertaining message to send out to your party guests and get them excited about attending your Independence Day 2012 bash.

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