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5 Templates for Appointment Reminder Texts

Posted by Brooklin Nash in Event Reminders on August 29, 2019

Top 5 Appointment Reminder Text Message Templates

Appointment reminder texts can be a valuable resource for businesses and clients alike. Text message templates can get you one step closer to sending informative and engaging reminder texts. Here we discuss why appointment reminder texts are so important, and provide appointment reminder templates to guide your client communication.

We live in a busy world because of this, there is always something to do, see, or listen to. All these distractions make it easy to overlook plans. When these plans are for an appointment, both the client and the business risk losing out on time, money, or services.

Using appointment reminder texts can help us boost appointment attendance. Businesses can have more faith in their schedules and clients can show up for the appointments they pay for. Text message templates for appointment reminders make the process even easier for businesses.

text message template; appointment reminder template

Why Send Appointment Reminder Texts?

In past blog posts, we’ve talked about how to send the best appointment reminder texts. But of course, sms text messages aren’t the only way to communicate. Appointment reminders have been sent as emails and phone calls for years. So why send texts when there are other options?

There are four main reasons to send sms text messages in place of or alongside phone calls and emails: mass text messages are immediate, visual, two-way, and versatile.


Appointment reminder texts can be sent at any time. The sender and the recipient don’t have to coordinate a time they’re both free. They can be sent or read regardless of whether either party is busy or in a loud environment. Both of these qualifications can make voice calls difficult.

You can also schedule texts in advance. This way, you can send appointment reminders even if the office isn’t open.

Additionally, texts can’t be “missed” as easily as calls. The recipient will see it whenever they are free, which cuts down on the possibility that they see it while distracted and forget about it entirely.


We all learn and remember information in different ways. For many people, that means that they remember information best when they can read it. Text message appointment reminders allow recipients to do just that.

While receiving information visually won’t help all your customers, it will help some. This should increase the overall rate of clients who show up to appointments.


Another benefit of text appointment reminders is that they can initiate two-way conversations. Not every business sending out appointment reminders has the time to field calls, which makes the succinct nature of text messages particularly useful.

Appointment reminders sent via text message allow recipients to ask questions at their leisure, and the sender can respond instantly.

What’s more, a text message can easily be forwarded if the appointment applies to more than one person. For example, a parent can forward a message to a child or a wife or husband to their spouse.


Another reason to use text message reminders instead of or alongside voice calls is their versatility.

Voice calls can relay one thing: sound. Text messages, though, can include text, pictures, videos, links, or maps.

Is your office hard to find? Send a map. Is it important that your client sees their product before they come to pick it up? Send a picture. Do your customers need to RSVP or confirm an appointment? Send a link.

text message template; appointment reminder template

Text Message Templates for Appointment Reminder Messages

We’ve compiled some quality appointment reminder templates to model just how useful appointment reminder text messages can be. In our past blog post on Appointment Reminder Texts, we outlined five important aspects to include in your appointment reminders. Here, we provide more text message templates following these same guidelines.

For Routine Appointments:

Appointment Reminder Text Message Template #1

Chris, your appt with Dr. Ramirez for a dental health checkup is tomorrow, September 3, at 11AM. Reply CONFIRM to this message.

Appointment Reminder Text Message Template #2

Franklin, your groceries are ready! Pick up between 10-11AM in the East Lot or late charges will occur.

Appointment Reminder Text Message Template #3

Finn, this message confirms your appt with Pastor Greg, Saturday at 4pm. Reply to this message with questions.

For Big Events:

Appointment Reminder Text Message Template #4

Hugo, your walkthrough is scheduled for August 31, 2019 at noon. Call Lisa with [Agency] to cancel or reschedule at 234-5678

Appointment Reminder Text Message Template #5

Brook and Becca, your venue tour of Wedding Hall is September 13, 2019 at 10:30AM. To view our winter schedule, visit

How to Use Appointment Reminder Templates

You can use these text templates for appointment reminder messages for your own business if you exchange the information with your own. And we hope you do!

Text message appointment reminders are an important business tool. Mass texting software makes it easier than ever to send such reminders, leaving us with no excuse not to use such software and text message templates to keep ourselves and our clients on schedule and save everyone’s time and money.