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Top 9 Favorite Event Management Blogs for 2020

Posted by Brooklin Nash in Event Reminders on December 31, 2019

Top 9 Favorite Event Management Blogs for 2020

Event planners wear a lot of hats and we are trying to help out by breaking down our top 9 event management blogs for 2020.

Whether it’s hosting, interior decorating, costume design, catering, or janitorial tasks, event planners have to be constantly on their game to keep up with the demands of the job.

Want to stay ahead of the game with all the latest news and trends? It’s important to be intentional about seeking out communities that provide practical and important information on a regular basis.

Here, we make that job easier by compiling a list of our ten favorite event blogs. From weddings to conferences, any event can be improved by following the tips and news provided here.

1. Gallus Events

Gallus Events is a UK event consulting firm. Their CEO and head consultant, William Thomson, is available as a speaker. He also keeps up a podcast and an event management blog.

The blog contains everything from commentaries on the importance of consent in demonstrations to guides on why not to cancel your early bird signup rate.

The site focuses mainly on the many services offered by Thomson himself. This means that much of the site is specific to London-based services. However, the blog is applicable to any event planner or manager regardless of location.

2. Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings is a media company that aims to connect event planners with quality resources and destinations. Their tagline is ‘inspiring brilliant experiences’, which is just what they do with their well-maintained blog.

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Their blog is a nice balance of news and advice, covering things like the union strikes at many major airports during Thanksgiving week and recipes like this one for an apple cider cocktail.

The blog is targeted at event management and event planners, but some of the articles are just as applicable for interior designers or just frequent travelers.

3. MPI Web

Meeting Professionals International is the world’s largest meeting and event industry association. Their mission is to connect the global event community to learn, innovate, collaborate, and advocate.

Part of this goal to learn and collaborate is manifested in their blog. It includes the latest news, trends, and tips for the industry from a global standpoint.

Some of our favorite pieces on this site include their take on the lack of female speakers at events and their article listing 15 Great Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events.

4. Socio Events

Socio is a company that develops and sells event technology such as mobile event apps.

They boast impressive clients such as PepsiCo and Microsoft. As you could expect, they’re an international organization with a lot of knowledge to share.

Much of their blog is press releases. However, if you sort through enough industry press you can stumble upon gems such as a lists of 3 Pitfalls That Event Planners Should Avoid or 4 Handpicked Event Marketing Tips That Get You More Email Conversions.

5. Event Planning Blueprint

Event Planning Blueprint was created by self-proclaimed “world traveler, entrepreneur, outdoor enthusiast, and philanthropist” Melanie Woodward. She now manages a team of event mentors that contribute to the site’s blogs and videos.

The goal of the site is simply to help event planners be good event planners. To this end, they offer online courses and post insightful articles that can benefit any event planner.

Our favorites include How To Find New Event Clients In A New City and How To Craft Your Event Business’s Mission Statement.


The National Association for Catering and Events boasts 60 years of experience and 3500 members countrywide. They offer “education, resources, and networking to empower catering and event professionals to thrive in their careers.”

One of these resources is their blog. Articles such as 3 Common Holiday Staffing Challenges and Solutions are both topical and helpful, but more geared towards caterers. Other articles, such as How Virtual Reality Can Expand Your Training, are both insightful and accessible to caterers and event planners alike.

NACE also hosts conferences for event professionals that facilitate networking and learning among members.

7. The Knot

The Knot is probably the best known event blog on our list. It is a service that provides resources and connections for event planners, brides, and other parties involved in wedding planning.

The blog is targeted towards weddings, but many of the tips and tricks shared on the blog are applicable for other events too. For example, winter wedding bouquets could easily be winter floral centerpieces. Wedding dates to avoid in the upcoming years could be the same as dates to avoid when you want to ensure high attendance to your other event.

8. Allseated

Allseated is a digital platform used by event planners to design plan events in a more visual way. Users can create spaces and setups within the program so they can view an event before bringing it to life.

The Allseated blog, like many others, provides tips, trends, and advice for all event planners. Some of their articles are targeted at event planners who work for or from a specific venue, while others give tips on choosing a venue. They also cover topics such as social media and content marketing.

Some of our favorite posts include this one listing signs that it’s time for a rebrand as well as one listing apps that event professionals can use to unwind and de-stress.

9. DialMyCalls

We don’t think any list of event management blogs would be complete without mentioning our own DialMyCalls blog.

DialMyCalls is a web-based platform that facilitates mass text messaging, voice broadcasts, and email blasts. The program appeals to professionals in many areas, including event planners, so our blog includes helpful tips and tricks to make event planning easier and more efficient.

Event management blog posts include topics such as mobile marketing for events as well as guides to more general technological communication lingo.

The platform supports messages such as emergency weather alerts or event reminders. Because these reminders are sent straight to a recipient’s phone, it’s one of the simplest and cheapest ways to communicate with many people at once. Sign up for a free account and give DialMyCalls a try today!

If you’re an event planner, it’s important that you stay connected with sources of insight, knowledge, and news in your arena. These top event management blogs can help you do just that.