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6 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using DialMyCalls for Surveys!

  If you're running a small business, you should be performing regular surveys to understand the experiences of your customers – that's just a fact. Surveys are one of the most powerful methods to obtain honest, truthful customer feedback, and track the overall performance of your business. But what's the best tool to perform surveys? There are dozens of online platforms, but these can be difficult to use, and usually require quite a bit of effort on the part of your customers. That means that you're less likely to get much engagement – rendering your survey somewhat useless. DialMyCalls, however, offers powerful survey functionality. By sending surveys via SMS text message and phone call directly to customers who have opted-in, DialMyCalls can provide an unparalleled level of consumer engagement, and allow your business to benefit from the feedback of your customers! Read on, and learn about the top 6 reasons

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