Phone RSVP System

A Phone RSVP System allows callers to utilize DTMF technology to ask call recipients questions over automated voice broadcasts. Call recipients are able to respond to the choices given by selecting a keystroke that coincides with options given on the automated call.

DialMyCalls offers a Phone RSVP System (Polling) to members of our voice broadcasting service. Adding the additional feature to a call broadcast will allow members to assign up to six different keystroke options that can be recorded into their message.

Call recipients that receive a voice broadcast utilizing the Phone RSVP System will here the callers initial message and then will be given the option to hit one of up to six different keystrokes on their phone. An example message would be the following which is an automated birthday party invitation:

“We are celebrating Bob’s birthday on Sunday, March 5, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. and are trying to get a head count of who will be attending. Please RSVP by entering one of the following options on your phone: Press 1 for Attending, Press 2 if you can’t make it, Press 3 if you are undecided.”

Responses that are made on voice broadcasts using the Phone RSVP System technology will appear in the DialMyCalls member control panel under the detailed call reports – members will be able to see how many replied and what their response was.