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Video Tutorial: Detailed Broadcast Reports

Tutorial Topics

Step One - Reports List (Dashboard)

Completed broadcasts will be displayed on your DialMyCalls dashboard and clicking on the report name will bring you to the detailed report for that specific broadcast.

Step Two - Full Reports List

Click on "Reports" from your DialMyCalls dashboard to see a full list of broadcast reports in your account - reports are only stored for 90 days.

Step Three - Resend Broadcast

From the "Reports" tab you are able to resend broadcasts by clicking on the resend icon to the right of each broadcast report.

Step Four - Detailed Broadcast Report

Click on the broadcast name to view a detailed report - reports will show the status of every phone number that a phone call or text message was sent to. If advanced features were used on a voice broadcast, the results of those features will also be displayed.

Step Five - Generate CSV Report

Clicking on "Generate CSV Report" on the detailed broadcast view will generate a downloadable file to keep for your records. Once generated, click "Reports" and then "Reports Available for Download" to download your .CSV file. *We recommend downloading your reports as our system only keeps them in your account for 90 days.

As always, if you need additional help with this feature or anything else on DialMyCalls, please don't hesitate to contact our support department. We are available 7 days a week by calling (800) 928-2086 or using our online customer support system