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Text Message Marketing for Nonprofits

Text Message Marketing for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are always trying to find cost effective ways to reach their donors and volunteers as well as the individuals they serve. That's why using a text message service for nonprofits can be an excellent component of a nonprofit marketing campaign.

It’s simple to send mass text messages in seconds to your subscriber list, keeping your cause and organization at the forefront of their minds.

Text Message Marketing for Nonprofits (Video)

Whether you’re looking for a great way to recruit or coordinate helpers for a fundraising event or trying to build up a list of financial supporters, using a text message service for nonprofits can help you reach your goals.

Recruiting Volunteers via SMS

Most nonprofit organizations rely heavily on others to plan events, organize drives, solicit funds, or deliver services to those in need. Recruiting volunteers via SMS messages can be a fast and effective way to pull together the people-power you need to get things done.

By using a text message service for nonprofits in conjunction with a poster campaign, mailing or other marketing effort, you can ask interested individuals to opt-in so they can be notified of volunteer opportunities as they arise.

Although you can use SMS messages on an ongoing basis to secure sign-ups for specific events or requests, text campaigns are excellent for an emergency cause because they can be created, sent and opened so quickly. For example, if a natural disaster strikes suddenly in your community, a text appeal can be sent out right away to pull together needed supplies or donations as well as individuals to clean up damage, make necessary repairs, or deliver materials or other aid.

Coordinating Volunteers via SMS

Once you have an established subscriber list, coordinating volunteers with SMS texts is simple. Perhaps you have segmented your subscribers into different volunteer groups interested in helping with particular needs. Simply send a specific appeal to that subset of volunteers to coordinate time and place for assistance.

If meetings or times change for an event, using a text message service for nonprofits can be an effective way to keep everyone on the same page. You can even use it to notify those who volunteered to help of last-minute specific details like construction in the area or a specific entrance to use in an unfamiliar building.

Text messages can be sent to express appreciation after an event as well as solicit feedback for improvement in the future.

Collecting Contacts via SMS

Collecting contacts via SMS can be done in coordination with recruitment drives, mailing campaigns, or other marketing programs. It’s important to remember that subscribers must opt-in to receive marketing campaigns from your nonprofit organization.

However, if you reach out to interested supporters through other channels, you can successfully build a subscriber list with multiple keywords, which can help you segregate your volunteers, financial supporters and those who need assistance.

For example, if your organization provides after-school activities for elementary school students, you may partner with schools to send a mailing to parents who can text the word “AFTERCARE” to a short code number to sign up their children. At the same time, you can recruit high school students to plan and supervise activities by running a poster campaign asking juniors and seniors to text “VOLUNTEER” to a different number. You may be able to solicit fundraising by setting up the keyword “HELP” with local businesses.

Fundraising & Requesting Donations via SMS

Managing fundraising and requesting donations via SMS is another excellent use of this channel. Many nonprofits may ask for annual pledges for their organization, and using SMS text messages can be a great way to automatically remind supporters that those contributions are due.

In addition, you can use a text message service for nonprofits to publicize a shortened link that will lead to a donation page for new donors to make a contribution.

Besides requesting financial support, remember that SMS messages are also a great way to share the work your organization has done using those donations. You may want to consider using mass text messaging to share that your organization reached a financial goal with the help of your donors and what the next steps will be to achieve the mission you’re on.

Conducting Surveys via SMS

Continuous improvement and finding better ways to accomplish your mission should be a part of every nonprofit organization’s long-term goals. Conducting surveys via SMS messages can help you achieve that goal. At the close of each event, fundraising activity, or service project, take the time to solicit feedback from your supporters, benefactors, and those you serve by using a text message service for nonprofits.

Remember to keep the survey short with just a few questions. SMS messages can be a great way to engage with your key audiences, both to help you deliver the services needed as well as find better ways to secure financial support and volunteer assistance in the future. It gives you a two-way communications channel to build long-term relationships.

Event Reminders via SMS

Events are great ways for nonprofit organizations to not only raise much-needed funds but also to build a community that’s come together to support a common cause. Planning and running events can be no small chore, however, and using a text message service for nonprofits can make things run much more smoothly.

Whether you need to send event reminders via SMS messages about attending the event itself or to coordinate people to sign up to help before, during or after the event, text messages are an effective, affordable, and quick way to get those messages out.

To learn more about a text message service for nonprofits, check out DialMyCalls. We specialize in helping organizations run effective SMS marketing campaigns. Sign up for a free account and free trial at no charge. You’ll be able to conduct your first SMS marketing campaign to further the mission of your nonprofit today.

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