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Why Use SMS Marketing

Why Use SMS Marketing

Roughly 277 million Americans can send and receive text messages, which is why SMS marketing is an excellent way to communicate with prospects and customers. A wide variety of short communications, promotions or reminders puts your company immediately in front of your target audience. And since SMS marketing is typically permission-based, you achieve a higher engagement rate at a low cost.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Companies who have used this communication method are well aware of the benefits of text marketing. By using this widely accepted tool, businesses have a direct and immediate channel to prospects and customers. SMS marketing is a simple, cost effective way to nurture a personal relationship with customers and is easily integrated with other marketing channels to increase overall engagement.

One of the main advantages of SMS marketing is that it is permission-based. Prospects and customers must opt-in or give your organization permission to send text messages to their cell phones. While people have trained themselves to better ignore advertisements that bombard the senses throughout the day, many pay more attention to marketing messages they have requested.

Why Use SMS Marketing? (Video)

Benefits of text message marketing include taking advantage of people’s rapt attention to their phones, having multiple opportunities to connect with customers unobtrusively, and being woven into a prospect or client’s day.

Direct, Immediate Channel

One reason why SMS marketing is so effective is that it provides a direct, immediate channel to your prospects and customers. Whether you have an important announcement or product release to share or a limited time offer to broadcast, text messages give you a fast and easy way to get your message out.

Roughly two-thirds of all Americans check their phones 160 times each day. Being visible and present during some of those moments is one of the key benefits of bulk SMS marketing. In addition, the ability to be able to receive return responses or inquiries immediately illustrates that this direct channel works both ways.


A second benefit of text marketing is it’s simplicity. You have only 160 characters to communicate so you need to pull together a clear, concise message quickly. The channel forces you to stay on point, communicating only the most important thing in the next text message.

No need to worry about lengthy content production, design coordination or production of any kind. Simply say what you need to say and hit send, immediately reaching your entire target audience list. Changes and updates are just as simple with SMS marketing.

Personal Relationship with Customers

Although many people feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that they encounter each day between advertising on websites, email promotions, commercials on television, phone solicitations, and billboards, there is a desire for consumers to connect with their favorite companies and brands.

According to Sprout Social, 64% of consumers want brands to reach out and connect with them. It’s clear that the more personal the message, the more likely customers will engage. Why SMS marketing works so well revolves around the fact that companies can extend targeted coupons, offers and specials to a subset of customers or take special care of loyal members.

Integrations with Other Channels

Another benefit of SMS marketing is that it can easily handle integrations with other channels. By connecting your text marketing tools to your customer relationship management (CRM) system, you can pull subsets of customers for targeted marketing efforts. Printed campaigns can invite prospects to opt-in to receive text marketing messages or special new customer promotions.

In addition, you can collect responses to polls or other outreach in a database, which can then be analyzed in order to make better business decisions moving forward. Having such a direct link to your customers can help you further personalize your products, services, and communication methods to meet their growing and changing needs and preferences.

Cost Effective

Sending a text message is one of the most cost effective ways to reach your target audience. Sign up for a web-based SMS service like DialMyCalls, which facilitates quick and easy creation of both comprehensive customer lists and an unlimited number of sublists. Build your SMS marketing program, and you’re ready to start sending targeted messages to specific clients and prospects immediately.

You don’t incur printing, production or streaming costs. You simply take advantage of a popular and widely accepted channel for customer communication.

Increased Engagement

Increased customer and prospect engagement is possibly why SMS marketing is growing in popularity today. It is harder and harder to break through the clutter of noise in today’s information-saturated world.

One of the biggest benefits of text message marketing is being able to connect and engage with your most important customers and most interested prospects. The permission-based nature of SMS marketing means that text message recipients have requested to see your messages, promotions, and alerts. That alone will result in increased engagement, making it more likely they will not only open your text but engage with your business.

SMS Marketing Stats

Taking a closer look at SMS marketing stats can help us appreciate the power of this marketing channel and appreciate the true benefits of bulk SMS marketing.

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