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How Different Businesses Use Text (SMS) Message Marketing

How Different Businesses Use Text (SMS) Message Marketing

Now that we've seen how SMS text messages are used in marketing campaigns more generally, it's time to consider how specific industries answer the question, "how do businesses use text marketing?"

Every individual industry from real estate to healthcare will have different communication needs, and text marketing can help each reach specific groups of audiences with targeted messages. SMS messages can be used to introduce new products and services, offer coupons and discounts to long-standing customers, nurture ongoing relationships, address questions or complaints, or market brand-specific products.

Text messages are also effective for appointment reminders, last-minute cancellations, volunteer solicitation, and meeting coordination. Although these use cases may not be directly classified as true marketing, they are important ways that organizations can stay in touch with their key audiences, meeting their communications needs on an ongoing basis. This, in turn, strengthens the relationship between organization and subscriber, which is a needed foundation for effective marketing.

SMS Marketing for Real Estate

In addressing the question “how do businesses use text marketing?”, let’s start with the real estate industry. SMS marketing for real estate professionals can be extremely effective whether you’re on the buying side or the selling side.

Realtors who are selling homes want to keep their properties top-of-mind for home buyers. If a buyer expresses interest in a particular home, a selling agent can immediately text notifications and price updates as well as schedule showings and provide follow-up details. In particularly hot real estate markets, realtors on the selling side can use text alerts to manage competing bids, securing the highest selling price possible for their client.

On the other hand, those real estate professionals representing buyers will want to be able to share new listings quickly, especially in a seller’s market. Finding the perfect house and putting in a fast offer could mean the difference between closing the sale and missing a great opportunity. Text messaging provides an easy means of communicating, especially when you’re sorting out all the details of a purchase. Questions about inspections, surveying requirements, repair negotiations and more can be handled quickly through SMS messages.

SMS Marketing for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals from doctor’s offices to pharmacies can utilize SMS messages for a myriad of communications needs.

Using SMS marketing for healthcare allows providers and other healthcare professionals to provide reminders for prescription pick-ups, medication dosage, appointments, or news like when flu shots are offered at a discounted rate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently promoted a free text service that allows patients to opt-in to receive a reminder to get their second COVID vaccine after receiving their first shot.

Text messages can be automatically programmed to send appointment reminders to patients, medication refill prompts to customers, or advertisements for wellness classes. Since much of  healthcare is about taking care of the whole person, finding ways to use text messages to foster a close connection between provider and client is critical for nurturing a long-term relationship.

SMS Marketing for Nonprofits

Since nonprofit organizations struggle to minimize expenses, SMS texts can be a welcomed addition to their arsenal of marketing tools. SMS text messages can be sent for pennies per message, helping nonprofits funnel their money to accomplish their mission more directly.

SMS marketing for nonprofits may include fundraising campaigns, news sharing, emergency appeals, relationship building, and volunteer coordination to name just a few use cases.

Those who support a particular nonprofit will be likely to opt-in to receiving text messages to stay in the loop. If a critical need rises, you’ll have an interested audience ready to help. Text messages are effective to remind supporters of meetings, fundraising goals and deadlines, and keeping subscribers abreast of excellent service.

SMS messages also help keep nonprofits in the minds of their supporters, fostering an ongoing relationship so necessary for building a solid nonprofit foundation.

SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

Digital businesses have been on the rise for years. The novelty of finding just about anything and everything online has worn off; the competitive advantage of offering home delivery is gone. One way that online businesses can differentiate themselves from the competition is by using SMS marketing for ecommerce.

With roughly three-fourths of consumers happy to receive marketing text messages from companies where they have opted-in, SMS messages can be a great way for ecommerce businesses to make a more personal connection with customers.

Understanding the answer to “how do businesses use text marketing?” can help you create an effective program. For example, you may want to pair an SMS campaign with a loyalty program to build long-term relationships with your subscriber base. Be sure to provide exclusive discounts and personalized experiences as much as possible for your best customers. SMS text messages can help facilitate a high level of brand loyalty, which can be critical for ecommerce businesses that do not have the advantage of in-person interactions through a brick-and-mortar store.

SMS Marketing for Churches

Churches, like nonprofit organizations, often have limited budgets and resources for marketing programs. At the same time, they rely on communications to not only spread the word about their church and its doctrine but also to help establish a sense of community within their current congregations.

SMS marketing for churches may include meeting reminders, calls for volunteers, or even short, inspirational messages from the pastor on a daily basis. Because text messages are so brief and easy to send, SMS marketing campaigns provide a great way to help instill a sense of closeness and community between Sunday services.

Even those who are not regular members of a church may opt-in to stay abreast of community activities sponsored by the church or to contribute to a regular charitable event supporting those in need. These interested supporters always have the potential to become more involved with a particular church, and SMS messages are a great way to keep them in the loop.

SMS Marketing for Retail

If you operate a retail store in a community, you may want to consider implementing SMS marketing for retail initiatives. Incorporate an SMS marketing campaign into your overall marketing effort to gather phone numbers of customers and prospects. For instance, you can offer a special discount for opting-in to receive text messages through in-store signage or print advertising.

Once you have created a solid subscriber list, it’s easy to segment your audiences based on brands they love, geographic location, or other demographics you may have. Use SMS messages to regularly attract foot traffic through flash sales, exclusive time-sensitive discounts for new products, or membership loyalty programs.

Because it’s easy and fast to create an SMS campaign, you can do so anytime your retail store has something special to share. It’s a great way to build lasting, engaged customer relationships.

SMS Marketing for Car Dealerships

When it comes to SMS marketing for car dealerships, it’s really more about building good relationships for the long run. Customers are typically in the market for a vehicle or not; although a few may be watching out for a particular make and model or a great deal.

Car dealerships can use SMS messages once a sale has closed to inform a new owner that a vehicle is ready for pick-up. By sharing information with the service department, car owners can be notified by text when service milestones are reached, when back-ordered parts are available, or when there is a recall or manufacturer repair required. Using SMS text messages in this manner instills a sense of confidence in car owners that your dealership has their best interest in mind and is doing everything possible to keep their vehicle in safe and good working order.

SMS marketing campaigns targeting prospects can invite those potential customers to opt-in to be the first to hear when a new make or model arrives on the lot or when a particular used vehicle shows up for sale. Gathering subscriber phone numbers through showroom signage or tied to online advertising inviting opt-ins can be an effective method for building an ongoing prospect list.

SMS Marketing for Charities

Charitable organizations may rely on SMS text messages to solicit volunteer assistance, share feel-good stories, remind donors of fundraising commitments, or announce events or galas to supporters.

SMS marketing for charities typically focuses on staying in regular contact with sponsors and donors so they can feel part of an organization that’s dedicated to doing good. Charitable organizations may also want to partner with a corporate sponsor to help broaden their reach and subscriber list for the future.

Regular text messages are a great way to communicate small successes achieved by the charitable organization to illustrate to supporters the difference they are making by contributing their time, treasure or talent.

SMS Marketing for Hotels

Hotels have an ongoing opportunity to use SMS text messages with customers before, during and after their stay.

Once you’ve established a subscriber list, sending last-minute discounts to attract guests during slower periods may fuel some spontaneous trips or overnight getaways, bringing in more business for you. SMS messages can help book new guests, confirm reservations and remind guests of check-in times once the reservation ball is rolling.

Upon arrival, SMS marketing for hotels is about providing stellar customer service. Repeat guests may receive a text message suggesting a previously ordered room service entree or offer valet services that they’ve taken advantage of in the past. You can also partner with area businesses, texting guests about area dining, events, and recreation options during their stay. Check-out can also be done by text for a smooth and quick departure.

Once customers wrap up their hotel experience with you, use SMS messages to solicit feedback about their stay, resolve any complaints, and extend future promotions to this now-engaged audience.

SMS Marketing for Bars

Since many individuals who enjoy frequenting bars are part of the younger generation that’s grown up with phones in their pockets, SMS marketing is the perfect way to communicate with this audience.

Invite customers to opt-in to your subscriber list so you can share special drink offers, announce fun theme nights, or introduce the newest performer scheduled for Friday night. Patrons may be more likely to stop by spontaneously on the way home from work or after a movie so be sure to time your SMS marketing messages during those periods.

SMS marketing for bars is a great way to drum up both new business and keep your regulars coming back. It’s only limited by the time and creativity you have in launching effective SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS Marketing for Restaurants

When restaurants are asking themselves “how do businesses use text marketing?” they are probably seeking ways to increase traffic in their establishment, boost the number of customers coming in during slower periods, or launch a takeout or delivery side of their business.

SMS marketing for restaurants can be an excellent way to do all of those things and much more. For example, a new restaurant may launch a tabletop campaign that asks customers to opt-in for exclusive meal deals down the road. Loyalty members can join or check points through text messaging. Restaurants can offer special birthday and anniversary treats for celebrating with them.

On a practical side, SMS messaging can be used to order ahead, place a takeout order, or hold a customer’s place in line during prime periods. All of these applications boost customer satisfaction and increase loyalty in the long run.

Taking the time to look at how businesses use text marketing, organizations in a wide variety of industries can discover creative new ideas to solicit business, improve customer satisfaction, send reminders, or gather feedback. If you’re ready to get started, sign up for a free DialMyCalls account. Our tool makes it easy to quickly and affordably launch an SMS marketing campaign regardless of what business you are in. Give it a try today.

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