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SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

If you've reviewed the overall SMS marketing guide as well as SMS best practices, you’re ready to take a look at common SMS marketing mistakes to avoid. Just as it can be helpful to learn from others' successes, reviewing failures already experienced can save your company time, money, and customers.

Some of the common mistakes to avoid are critical such as failing to follow SMS regulations while others may simply negatively affect your organization’s overall image like using informal text abbreviations. Mistakes like failing to include a CTA result in missed opportunities and wasted marketing efforts. Regardless of the gravity of the error, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the most common SMS marketing mistakes.

Neglecting SMS Spam Laws

If you’re sensing some deja vous right now, it’s because following SMS spam laws is so critical to a successful SMS marketing campaign that it bears repeating. Complying with these laws is important enough to make the “best practices list” just as neglecting SMS SPAM laws is significant enough to appear on the biggest mistakes list.

Remember the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) governs SMS marketing initiatives. The TCPA requires by law that all those receiving marketing texts from your organization have given “express written consent.” This can be obtained by receiving an opt-in text from a phone number with a keyword, completing a web form where consent is agreed to, or filling out a paper form with consent language.

Be eminently clear about what subscribers are agreeing to, giving the obvious directions on how to join as well as how to opt-out if they so choose. Organizations that fail to adhere to these SMS spam laws can be subject to significant and costly legal battles and fees. It is one of the biggest SMS marketing mistakes to avoid.

Sending Too Many Texts

Sending too many texts, and, in some cases, not sending enough texts, are other text message marketing mistakes.

Even if individuals opt-in to your company’s text marketing efforts, it’s not permission to constantly text them. Too many texts begin to sound like a child repeatedly asking for the same treat when the parent’s answer, at the moment, has been a clear “no.” There’s a reason texts are limited to 160 characters; the purpose is to communicate something short, concise, and to the point. Be sure you are using the marketing channel appropriately.

On the other hand, failing to send enough texts can lead to reduced engagement and individuals forgetting they signed up to receive messages from your business. The ideal number of texts is usually between two and four per month. Some special cases may apply. For example, a special one-day event or deal may warrant a couple of texts to remind your customers of the ending opportunity.

An effective SMS marketing campaign is about effective communication. Keep that in mind when you’re considering the message and frequency of your text outreach.

Not Scheduling Properly

Setting up an SMS campaign schedule can help you avoid the mistake of not scheduling properly when it comes to SMS marketing.

Use common sense when scheduling general news, announcements or exclusive programs. Don’t send these during hours when your brick-and-mortar store is closed, or when most people will not be in a good frame of mind to receive marketing texts like in the middle of the night.

Instead, create an  SMS campaign schedule that works in tandem with your other marketing channels. For instance, if you launch a tabletop campaign at your restaurant encouraging patrons to opt-in to SMS messages, be sure to follow-up with an exclusive discount for their next meal within a week or so of signing up. On the other hand, if you’re getting ready to launch a new, exciting store, complement your website’s countdown graphic with periodic reminders to remember to attend the grand opening.

Although most people are relaxing in the early evening, which can make this a good time to send promotional messages, be sure to test your particular campaign’s timing. It may vary depending on your product, service and specific target audience.

Using Text Slang

There’s a reason that using text slang is associated with immature, texting teenagers. It tends to convey a childish way to communicate and is simply not appealing to the reader.

This is one of the SMS marketing mistakes to avoid if you want to be seen as a professional organization, selling something of quality and value. It also forces good discipline in crafting a concise, clear SMS message by not allowing text slang shortcuts. Instead, SMS marketing messages need to be catchy, creative, concise and clearly communicate what you want to say.

Not Identifying Yourself

Not identifying yourself is another one of those text marketing messages to avoid. By identifying yourself and your business, you remind your prospects or customers that they have asked to receive your messages and that you are not violating any SMS spam laws.

Obviously, if you fail to identify yourself when announcing a special deal, exclusive discount or other marketing initiative, your subscribers won’t be able to take advantage of your special deal if they don’t know who is sending them the promotion.

Failing to Include a CTA

Finally, be sure to include a call-to-action in your text marketing campaign. Failing to include a CTA is one of those text message marketing mistakes that leads to a great deal of missed opportunities.

An effective CTA may include an invitation to use a discount code, sign up for a newsletter, or purchase a product or service. These actions help move your prospects toward greater engagement or conversion to becoming a loyal, long-term customer. By paying attention to these SMS marketing mistakes to avoid, you’ll be in a much better position to launch a successful SMS marketing campaign. Check out DialMyCalls and sign up for a free account. We offer a free trial so you can try your hand at creating an easy, cost-effective SMS marketing campaign to better capture the attention of your prospects and customers.

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