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Video Tutorial: Credit Packages vs. Monthly Plans

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Login to your account and click on "Buy Credits/Plans Here".
Credit packages will never expire and 1 credit = 1 call to 1 number with a 30 second message or 1 credit = 1 text to 1 number with a 157 character message. Members are able to send messages that are longer than 30 seconds - each 30 second increment is an additional credit per contact.
Monthly plans allow members to send phone calls and text messages to the same list of numbers throughout the month. When using a monthly plan, members can add a list of numbers that must remain static throughout the month - you cannot add/remove contacts on a monthly plan. Members are then able to send one call or text to their allotted numbers throughout the month - monthly plans rebill every 30 days until canceled.
Credit packages may be purchased via credit card, e-check or PayPal while monthly plans may be purchased via credit card or e-check.

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