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Video Tutorial: Detailed Broadcast Reports

Tutorial topics

Login to your account and click on the "Reports" tab.
Once you have selected a broadcast report you will be given a detailed breakdown of what happened on that call or text. The pie chart will give a quick visual reference as to what happened with every single contact the broadcast was sent out to.
Look at every single number your broadcast went out to and review the status of the call. Calls that have a status of No Answer, Not Connected or Busy Signal will have their credits automatically refunded back into your account - you are not charged for unsuccessful calls.
Broadcast reports only remain in your account for 90 days so we recommend using the "Download as CSV" option to generate a copy of the report for your records.

As always, if you need additional help with this feature or anything else on DialMyCalls, please don't hesitate to contact our support department. We are available 7 days a week by calling (800) 928-2086 or using our online customer support system