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Video Tutorial: Landline Texting

Tutorial Topics

Step One: Log Into Your DialMyCalls Dashboard

When you first log into DialMyCalls you will see your Dashboard. On the dashboard you will have access to all information contained regarding your account. To text-enable your landline phone number, you will need to click on "Other Services" and then "Text-Enable Landline" from the dropdown menu.

Step Two: Text-Enable Landline Phone Number

You will now be prompted to enter the landline phone number that you would like to text-enable. Once you have entered your number, click "Submit". At this point, our support team will receive your request and email you over the documentation required to add texting to your existing landline phone number.

Step Three: Send A Mass Text Message

To send out a mass text message, from your account dashboard, click on "New Broadcast". You will be asked what type of broadcast you'd like to send, click on "Text" and then hit "Next".

Step Four: Select Contact(s) to Receive Your Mass Text

Select the contact or multiple contacts you'd like to receive your text message and click "Next".

Step Five: Set up Your Mass Text in DialMyCalls

Now you will set up your text message that will be sent out. From the "Phone Number" dropdown, select your landline phone number. In the dialog box below, type out your custom text message. Once you are done, click "Next".

Step Six: Send or Schedule Your Mass Text

DialMyCalls has three options to choose from when sending out a mass text - you can send the text message immediately, schedule it for a later date and time or set up a recurring text message.

Step Seven: View Your Mass Texting Report

Once you have sent your broadcast, you can then click on "Reports" at the top of your screen to view a detailed breakdown of your text broadcast. On the reports tab, click on the name of the broadcast you just sent to view the status of every text message that was sent out.

Step Eight: Use Your Text-Enabled Landline Number With 2-Way SMS

In addition to being able to send out a mass text message witn your landline phone number, you can also take advantage of DialMyCalls' 2-way texting service.

Step Nine: View Text Message Replies Sent To Your Text-Enabled Landline Number

When 2-way texting is activated on your account, click on the chat bubble in the top right corner of your screen and then "2-Way Messages".

As always, if you need additional help with this feature or anything else on DialMyCalls, please don't hesitate to contact our support department. We are available 7 days a week by calling (800) 928-2086 or using our online customer support system