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Video Tutorial: Push-To-Talk Calling Feature

Tutorial Topics

Step One - Push-To-Talk

From your DialMyCalls dashboard, click "Other Services" and then click on "Push-To-Talk" from the drop-down menu.

Step Two - Push-To-Talk Funding

To utilize DialMyCalls' Push-To-Talk feature you will need to add funding to your account. The initial deposit required is $25 and you will have the option to set the amount that will auto-replenish when the initial deposit runs out. Push-To-Talk will deduct $0.05/minute on connected calls from your balance when the feature is used on voice broadcasts - once your account reaches $10 it will automatically replenish your Push-To-Talk funding.

Step Three - New Voice Broadcast

Once Push-To-Talk funding has been added to your account it can now be used on voice broadcasts. Click on "New Broadcast", select "Voice" as the type of broadcast you'd like to send and click "Next".

Step Four - Select Contact(s)

Select the contact(s) that will receive your voice broadcast with the push-to-talk featured added to it - click "Next" once your contact(s) are selected.

Step Five - Advanced Call Options

Select your Caller ID from the drop-down menu - this will be the Caller ID that your recipients will see when they receive your broadcast. Scroll down and you will see "Push-To-Talk from the list of extra features to add to your voice broadcast - check off "Add The 'Push-To-Talk' Option To This Broadcast" to open up the advanced menu. The "Number To Forward To" will be where your recipients will be sent if they hit '0' on their phone during your voice broadcast recording. You can also choose to have wait music play while the call is being connected to your number. "Calls Per Minute" allows you to throttle your "Push-To-Talk" phone calls - please note how many contacts your broadcast is going to and make sure you know exactly how long the broadcast will take if you choose to throttle the calls. You can select the "Call To Action" and typically our customers record it into their own message - when creating your recording, add "Push 0 to speak to a representative now". Once you are done setting up all of the options, click "Next".

Step Six - Select Recording

Select the recording that you are sending your voice broadcast recipients and click "Next".

Step Seven - Broadcast Options

You have to option to send your broadcast immediately or at a later date and time. For this tutorial we are going to select "Send Now" and then hit "Next".

Step Eight - Review & Send Broadcast

Review the information for your voice broadcast with Push-To-Talk added and click "Send Broadcast Now" if the information is correct.

Step Nine - Push-To-Talk Reports

Once your broadcast has been sent out you should begin receiving calls to the phone number you picked for the push-to-talk campaign. Click on "Reports" to view the detailed statistics once your broadcast is complete - it will show you how many contacts utilized the push-to-talk feature and how many minutes were used.

As always, if you need additional help with this feature or anything else on DialMyCalls, please don't hesitate to contact our support department. We are available 7 days a week by calling (800) 928-2086 or using our online customer support system