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Video Tutorial: Vanity Phone Numbers

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Login to your account and click "Add-Ons" and then click on "Vanity Phone Numbers". Search for a local number and register it for $5.99 per month - toll-free numbers are $9.99 per month. Every vanity number comes with 100 minutes and additional minutes will cost $0.05 per minute.
Once registered, click on the edit icon next to your vanity number to bring you to the settings page. From here you can select the message that you would like to be played when your contacts call into your vanity number, the choices are: "Play A Specific Recording That I Select", "Play The Last Recording That Was Uploaded/Recorded In This Account" & "Play Last Recording That Was Blasted From This Account".
In addition to listening to a selected recording when contacts call your Vanity Number, you also have advanced features that can be added. Give everyone that calls into your personal number the ability to: leave you a message, repeat your message one additional time, opt-out of future calls, or connect to a live representative using our Push-To-Talk feature.

As always, if you need additional help with this feature or anything else on DialMyCalls, please don't hesitate to contact our support department. We are available 7 days a week by calling (800) 928-2086 or using our online customer support system