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Plan The Perfect Birthday Party

birthday party

Attempting to plan the perfect birthday party and looking for a way to send out reminders to everyone invited?

DialMyCalls allows you to harness the power of our mass notification system to help you plan the plan the perfect birthday party. By using our automated calls, you no longer have to worry about getting those party invitations out on time. Instead, you can focus on coming up with great games and ideas for your son/daughters upcoming birthday party; make it one they will remember!

Moms and dads attempting to plan the perfect birthday party can simply import a list of phone numbers into our system and then send out a custom message to thousands of recipients, instantly. DialMyCalls makes sure everyone gets an invite to the party; nobody will get left out as long as they are on your phone number list.

Make sure everyone is invited to your next birthday party by using our automated calls as your personal event reminders.


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