Event Registration List

Build Event Registration List With SMS Text Messages

By making registration as quick and simple as possible, and providing guests with an easy way to change their registration status, we can be more and more certain of the number of guests to expect. This makes our event registration list more accurate.

Planning for an event can be quite the guessing game, and one of the most important estimates is the number of guests to prepare for. With most traditional forms of registration, the number of guests who have RSVP’d is very different than the number that will show up.

Making Event Registration Quick

Almost everyone has a cell phone, and the vast majority of these are enabled to send and receive SMS text messages. These messages are delivered almost instantly after being sent. If a text message has an option to register by responding to the text message or clicking a link, that can be done immediately upon receiving the message.

The recipient can register even if they’re in a noisy room, or checking their messages late at night, or only have two minutes before a meeting starts. Making the event registration so simple encourages guests to register.

And once the guests have registered, their name and contact information is added to the event registration list, creating a go-to contact list for new or changed information.

Allowing Registration Status To Change

Another benefit to using SMS to build an event registration list is the simplicity with which it allows guests to change their registration status.

Say that when a recipient first got the message, they had a meeting scheduled at the same time as the event. So, they replied that they would not be attending — making their status on the event registration list a no. Soon after, though, their meeting is cancelled. If they still have the original message, they can change their registration status to yes. Immediately, the event organizers can adjust their plans and preparations.

Using the Registration List

As message recipients register for the event, they can be sorted as though opting in for a different contact list altogether. Separating or segmenting the contacts in this way ensures that you can reach who you need to in the future.

Contacts remaining on the original list, who haven’t registered yet, can be sent reminder messages or incentives to register soon.

Those on the new list who have already registered can receive parking or ticket information, schedule changes, and even messages during the event itself — about missing children, cars parked in fire lanes, or flash sales happening in different locations.

This list can also be used after the event itself to thank attendees for coming and following up with them. Over time, multiple registration lists can let the organizer know the number of guests to expect at future events and even which guests to send future invitations to. This way, all recipients are receiving what’s most important to them and not being loaded down with information that doesn’t apply to them. Event marketing has never been easier.

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