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Church Event Reminders & Announcements

Reminding your church of special masses and events has never been easier using a church phone notification system. Works great for both small churches and large mega-churches.

Setting Up Church Event Reminders Through Calls and Text Messages

Your church is reliant on fundraising events in order to help it keep running those special programs that your congregation enjoys. Help to make them a success by using DialMyCalls’ automated event reminders to get as many volunteers to assist as possible as well as encourage community participation.

As a church leader, you know how difficult it can be to keep your community informed and involved. Not everyone makes it to Sunday mass to hear your announcements or read your bulletin. DialMyCalls will allow you to send out calls or texts that remind your members of upcoming events and invites them to get involved.

Uses of Texting For Church Event Reminders

When you need some extra hands to give out raffle tickets or blow up balloons, you can ask using the DialMyCalls push to connect feature. Anyone who is available to help can call you back instantly and get the details on what you need and how they can help. Rounding up volunteers will be easy once you are able to connect with your entire community with just one phone call.

Getting volunteers to work these fundraising events is only half of the battle. Now you need to send out reminder messages that your special event is coming up and ask that everyone participate. DialMyCalls will help make this easy too. With all of your church members’ contact information in one convenient location, you can easily send out reminder messages about your fundraiser and/or special event.

Start with a quick message the week before, encouraging community participation. Be upbeat in your message and invite your members to bring a friend. Make sure to be specific about the date, time, and place and highlight what you are collecting money for. When people hear what your needs are, they are going to be more inclined to show up and take part in the activity.

Follow this up the day before with an alert via SMS text message. This time keep the message short, as if you know they have plans to show up. “Looking forward to seeing you at the ballpark tomorrow, don’t forget to bring a friend” is a nice way of gently persuading your congregation to join in on your event.

Make Church Communication Easy with Automated Announcements

DialMyCalls will make all of these communications easy. Within just a few minutes your entire church community receives your messages and gets on board to have some fun and help you raise cash. The setup is easy. With no software to download or hardware to install, you simply login, set up your account, and are ready to go. Even uploading your contact list is easy, and once in place it can be organized to suit your needs.

By having the DialMyCalls event reminder service set up, you can have all of your fundraising events staffed with volunteers and enjoyed by your whole community with just a few phone calls. This gives you the extra time you need to attend to all of your other responsibilities.

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