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Featured here are articles published by the most reputable national and international media. These articles have been gathered through the years of operation of our company and are being constantly updated.

How Successful Leaders Communicate With Their Teams

Entrepreneur.com - November 30, 2016

Choose your mediums carefully. First, make sure you're considering your medium(s) carefully. Being able to send out a mass text or voice message to your employees is important. These channels are appropriate for notifying your team of a last-minute meeting change but wouldn't be for sending out the scope of a new project.

Will Phone Calls Become Irrelevant For Modern Workplaces?

Forbes.com - November 21, 2016

Phone calls were once a revolutionary new technology, able to connect two people over vast distances in mutual conversation. Now, we have dozens of technologies more advanced than phone calls to keep us in touch, including emails, text messages, and video chats. While there are new technologies developing around the voice-based phone call, such as voice broadcasting, for many workers, phone calls are starting to be seen as an obsolete medium.

7 Forms of Business Communication You're Using Wrong

Inc.com - November 10, 2016

Each platform has distinct advantages and disadvantages, useful in some situations more than others. For example, text messages are ideal to inform a group about an urgent change, while email is better for relaying non-urgent, one-way information.

27 Creative Ways To Find Employees

FitSmallBusiness.com - September 26, 2016

20. Create a "Hiring" page on your company's website in case talented people ever come check you out. Even if you currently don't need someone in a specific role, it's a good idea to keep job postings on your site.

Business Owners & Experts Share Their Tips on Preventing Four Common Types of Fraud

Credibly.com - August 11, 2016

David Batchelor, president and cofounder of DialMyCalls.com, has reduced online credit card fraud by 75% by cross-checking shipping and billing address as well.

83 Experts Share Tips for the 'Age of the Customer'

NanoRep.com - June 2, 2016

"Creating social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and then not following up with customers who leave feedback on them. Nothing is going to turn off a customer more than a message that goes without a response." - David Batchelor

The Label "Small Business"- Good or Bad?

CarolRoth.com - May 25, 2016

"I can see how many business owners can get offended by being labeled 'small'- we take it more as a badge of honor. Being a successful small business is extremely hard, 90% of all small businesses fail during their first couple years." - David Batchelor

How to Build a Successful SaaS Business

Bplans.com - May 23, 2016

Taking the slow and careful approach can also save you from making some costly mistakes, says David Batchelor, President and co-founder of DialMyCalls.

24 Experts Reveal Their Top Resources For Startups

ShopRocket.co - April 29, 2016

"1) Mixergy Podcast - Andrew Warner has put together this great show where he interviews other startup founders about their journey and what they did right and wrong to get where they are today. There are truly pieces of gold in every one of his interviews. He's also a very gifted interviewer and isn't afraid to ask some hard-hitting and detailed questions which many others wouldn't push on." - David Batchelor

How to Motivate Your Employees: 21 Leaders Share

BetterBusiness.Deskera.com - April 29, 2016

"Staying busy and active helps a lot. Something we've done that helps keep everyone involved with the whole business is splitting customer support among everyone. While we do have a dedicated customer support team, when they get busy or are out of the office, support calls will roll through to everyone else in the company." - David Batchelor

Key Trends Disrupting Messaging / Communications #tech2016

Flarrio.com - April 18, 2016

"Location-based push notifications to provide local information direct to your cell phone. Imagine passing a store and a coupon appears on your phone, this is coming, and very quickly." - David Batchelor

Favorite Ways To Automate Customer Service

Sidekick.pro - March 31, 2016

One way to help automate customer service is to try to avoid the need of customers to reach you in the first place. One of the best things we ever did was create a large knowledge base of tutorial videos that explain most aspects of how our software works. Not only did that change help reduce the need for customers to reach us by around 50% but it also created a much better customer experience.

5 ways to keep employees in the loop

CIO.com - February 19, 2016

"For our company communication we rely heavily on HipChat," says David Batchelor, cofounder and president, DialMyCalls.com, a voice and SMS broadcasting service. The app "allows us all to be able to collaborate in real time no matter where we are located. Think of it as a virtual water cooler where we can all chat, share ideas, files and much more."

15 Entrepreneurs Share their Favorite Quotes

Hear.CEOBlogNation.com - January 30, 2016

"Your most unhappy customers are you greatest source of learning." - Bill Gates. "While dealing with unhappy customers isn't a fun thing to do by any means it can help you improve your product or service by leaps and bounds." - David Batchelor

We Asked: What City Did You Start Your Business In, And Why?

Xome.com - December 30, 2015

"For me it was easy, I wanted to stay in my hometown of Jupiter, Florida. Tech companies often feel the need to move out west to Silicon Valley which would have probably helped in some aspects, but being able to help the town I grew up in was and still is extremely important to me." - David Batchelor

Experts Weigh In: Why do you outsource your payroll?

MyCorporation.com - December 24, 2015

"Outsourcing payroll was one of the best moves we ever made, it allows you to really free up that space in your day to worry about bigger picture items concerning the company. The costs are negligible for the amount of relief it gives you knowing that everything is taken care of when it comes to your payroll." - David Batchelor

How Small Business Owners are Celebrating Thanksgiving in 2015

Hatchbuck.com - November 25, 2015

"Thanksgiving to me is a time for family and for a few days out of the year it is alright to forget about business and just relax." - David Batchelor

Things to Consider When Moving to Houston

SelfStorageFinders.com - November 23, 2015

Michael Freedman, CTO/Co-Founder of DialMyCalls.com says that depending on what you want to be near, you can find something to fit your lifestyle quite easily.

20 Hobbies That Can Make You a Better Boss at Work

LifeHack.org - November 17, 2015

Fishing is a great hobby to help better your managerial skills. From the discipline it takes to get up to catch the sunrise bite before work, to the patience it requires to land that first fish, Online Marketing Manager Tim Smith of DialMyCalls knows the drill.

9 Entrepreneurs Share How They Prepare for Small Business Saturday

Rescue.CEOBlogNation.com - November 15, 2015

"Being a business that caters mostly to small businesses, this has actually become one of the most important days of the year for us. We usually start out a week or two in advance with an email to customers letting them know to be on the look out for our Small Business Saturday (SBS) promotion." - David Batchelor

Readers Speak: Identifying the Most Significant Digital Changes

WebsiteMagazine.com - October 30, 2015

"For us (the best digital development) by far has been the vast improvement of streaming voice and video over the Internet. What once was choppy and unreliable has become something used by tens of millions of people every day." - David Batchelor

Experts Share Their Pricing Page Conversion Tips

Veeqo.com - October 27, 2015

"Your pricing page is going to be one of the most important pages on your website. This is where you want your customers to feel as comfortable as possible before making a purchase or signing up with your company." - David Batchelor

Productivity Tips for Small Business

CapConnect.com.au - September 29, 2015

There's one that many businesses may not have heard of, and according to founder of DialMyCalls? David Batchelor, it could be a significant time saver. The Pomodoro Technique means working straight for 20 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break. After four rounds, staff take a 30 minute break to recharge.

DialMyCalls Adds SMS and Voice Broadcasting to Constant Contact

DestinationCRM.com - September 1, 2015

SMS and voice broadcasting provider DialMyCalls has integrated with Constant Contact, allowing users of the service to send automated phone calls and text messages to subscriber lists gathered in Constant Contact.

4 Tips to Improve How Your Christian School Runs

ChurchTechToday.com - August 28, 2015

Your private school can run much more efficiently by utilizing modern communication methods. Consider a school notification system to send messages to your teachers, other staff members and parents. Teachers could also benefit by being able to send automated phone calls and text messages to parents all at once rather than relying on students to bring notes home.

How to Use Social Media for Growth Hacking - Top 10 Tips

drumUp.io - July 28, 2015

"Using Facebook to reach out to groups/pages with large followings that tap into your demographic. Reach out to the people who manage those pages and see if there is any kind of opportunity for cross promotion." - David Batchelor

5 Useful Practices for Text Messaging Church Members

MinistryTodayMag.com - July 21, 2015

With an SMS broadcasting service such as DialMyCalls, contact lists can be arranged in any way the church sees fit. This allows them to alert only certain groups, such as the parents of youth group members, if a meeting is being canceled or moved to another location. Again, sending an SMS text message to everyone at one time is much more effective than having to call each person one by one or rely on a phone chain.

Writing a Business Plan? 13 Challenges to Overcome

BusinessNewsDaily.com - May 18, 2015

The hardest but most important piece is getting your target demographics dialed in properly. You need to know who you'll be selling to and how big the market is to estimate with some accuracy how many people you can reach and sell your product or service to.

Making Customer Feedback Count

AmericanExpress.com - April 28, 2015

An established small business that relies on customer input for new products and features is DialMyCalls.com, an automated telephone notification service used by schools, churches and sports leagues. DialMyCalls.com uses an internal ticket system and whiteboards at its offices in Houston and Jupiter, Florida, to track how many times customers request a new feature or improvement, according to David Batchelor, the company's president and co-founder.

The Right Ways To Bring Your Organizational Values To Life

TinyHR.com - February 17, 2015

"Our biggest core value is treating our customers as family, no matter how big or small they are," shares David Batchelor, President and Cofounder of DialMyCalls.

20 Entrepreneurs Explain The 1st Thing You Need When Starting a Business

Rescue.CEOBlogNation.com - February 14, 2015

"Anyone who's about to start a business needs to learn the art of the checklist. Especially at the early stages of a company you're going to feel scatterbrained with a million things you need to do and want to do. The most important thing you can do is create a checklist and rank entries based on order of importance, and then stick to it." - David Batchelor

Night Owl vs. Early Bird: Which Is a Better Business Owner?

NFIB.com - February 12, 2015

David Batchelor is decidedly in the early bird camp. Batchelor is the founder of DialMyCalls, a Jupiter, Florida-based mass notification service with 80,000 users. He says being an early riser is a big advantage.

How Small Businesses Connect With An Online Audience

MessagingService.com - February 12, 2015

"We focus a lot of energy on engaging with our customers and followers on social media. These days so many people are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that if used properly it can be a wealth of great leads for your business." - David Batchelor

Responsive Design: Should You Make the Switch?

Envoc.com - February 11, 2015

"Over the years we slowly watched our mobile traffic growing year over year. In 2012 with about 15% mobile traffic we knew it was time to make the jump to a new responsive layout to properly handle that traffic. It was a bit of an undertaking but well worth it, we increased our sign-ups from mobile traffic by almost 100%." - David Batchelor

More than 50 Facebook marketing tips for entrepreneurs

LaunchGrowJoy.com - January 12, 2015

"Being successful with Facebook marketing for us has come down to 1 thing, targeting! At first we used Facebook with mediocre results because of the general ad buying approach, which is just targeting your ads to a specific country, for example we aim for the US and Canada only. This works to an extent but the power of Facebook ads comes down to targeted ad buys." - David Batchelor

Experts Weigh In: How Do You Reward Your Employees at the End of the Year?

MyCorporation.com - December 18, 2014

"During the holidays we always give our employees a bonus as a way to show thanks for all their hard work throughout the year. We also feel that spending time with family is important so we try to be as flexible as possible with time off and vacation days so that they can travel on the less crowded holiday days. Everyone on our team works so hard during the year it's important to be able to unplug totally and unwind with family as much as possible, after all, family is what is most important and what motivates mostly everyone to give their best back at the office." - David Batchelor

15 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business

Hear.CEOBlogNation.com - December 5, 2014

"Fast forward a few years and we expanded the business into DialMyCalls.com which is now used by thousands of schools and churches to send important messages to people via phone call and text message in seconds. We have a great team of people and 2 offices, one in Florida and one in Texas. It's been a wild ride but that's the great thing about being an entrepreneur, you never know where you're going to take the business or where the business is going to take you." - David Batchelor

Productivity tips for small business owners

FindMyShift.com - November 24, 2014

During times when there is a project on a tight deadline and ultimate focus is needed, we use the Pomodoro Technique. We'll work straight for 20 minutes and then take a 5 minute break away from the PC. After 4 rounds of this there is a 30 minute break to recharge before doing it again. Use a simple kitchen timer and try it; it's so simple and it's amazing how focused everyone gets knowing they only have 20 minutes until their next break.

Finally, 20 Productivity Apps That Will Ensure Efficiency

LifeHack.org - September 30, 2014

Send a voice or text message to a list of phone numbers in seconds. Save time on redundant calls by having this app send your message to everyone for you.

Get Involved in Your Startup Community - for Your Mental Health

HuffingtonPost.com - September 30, 2014

DialMyCalls's David Batchelor agrees. "The ability to connect with a group of similar people will be one of the most rewarding things you can do to grow your startup. It's reinvigorating and necessary to break the isolation that running a startup can trap you in."

The Power Of Tech To Communicate With Your Followers

MinistryBestPractices.com - September 14, 2014

Technology is rapidly changing and its constant improvements are extremely beneficial for churches across the country. In the not-so-distant past, churches would have to rely on phone trees as their main source of communication with congregation members. Advances in technology have made keeping in contact with hundreds or even thousands of church members an extremely simple task.

Are You Prepared for a Disaster? Tools Every Mobile Service Worker Should Have

Inc.com - January, 2014

Many large organizations maintain an updated emergency call tree at all times. This tree allows each supervisor to reach his or her employees at home if a disaster immobilizes the area in which they live and work. Apps like DialMyCalls automates the process, allowing an organization to send one voice or text message to as many as 200,000 employees at once.

DialMyCalls iPhone App Review: Voice Broadcasting & Group Calling

TapScape.com - October 17, 2013

If you need a quick communications solution for sharing voice messages, this broadcasting service is a really solid offering.

Featured App Review: DialMyCalls

AndroidHeadlines.com - October 15, 2013

DialMyCalls is a pretty great app for team managers and supervisors. Let's say you're running a store and you need everyone to be in an hour earlier Monday for stock take. A group SMS would do the job but, heavy texters will often ignore texts that aren't from their friends and tech savvy folk might not get the message. DialMyCalls however, will ring their numbers and either play your recorded voice message or read out your text.

DialMyCalls - Voice Broadcasting & Group Calling By OnTimeTelecom, Inc.- Review

TheiMum.com - October 15, 2013

Overall, this is a very useful service for anyone who makes calls to groups of people. Once you have your contact groups set up it is very quick and easy to use.

DialMyCalls iPhone App Demo

DailyAppShow via AOL. On Tech - October 14, 2013

DailyAppShow Video Review.

Get Your Message to Everyone with Ease with the App DialMyCalls

AppDictions.com - October 4, 2013

Don't stress anymore about telling everyone about what's going on individually, one by one. Thanks to DialMyCalls you can record and send to everyone all in one great app.

Top 5 Applications For Android OS

S4Tips.com - July 25, 2013

DialMyCalls Android App allows to anyone to send a message to a list of phone numbers in seconds. If the call ends the system will let you leave a message on their answering machine phone, so that they will hear it later.

Top 10 Android Apps of June 2013

Heavy.com - June 25, 2013

Created by OnTimeTelecom Inc., DialMyCalls is an app that allows users to record and send voice messages. DialMyCalls comes with premium services like Send Call Blast, Send SMS Blast and Send Free Call Blast. Lists can contain up to 25 people, and messages are 30 seconds long.

Top 5 Ways You Can Help Your Child Succeed in the Classroom

PJMommy.com - April 11, 2013

Many schools now use electronic notification systems to communicate about homework, curriculum matters, and even meetings. Using these systems can keep you up to date on what's going on in your child's school and you can help out simply by paying attention to these school notification systems.

DialMyCalls' new iPhone app sends voice & text message broadcasts on the go (Photos)

Examiner.com - February 25, 2013

Do you have an important message that needs to get out to hundreds or thousands of people instantly? DialMyCalls, a local Jupiter, Florida voice broadcasting company, has the perfect solution for you. The company is used by tens of thousands of organizations across the country to send both voice and text messages to large groups of contacts with the click of a button - the new iPhone app now allows members to use the service on the go!

DialMyCalls - Taking Communication to a New Level

RealTimeTricks.com - February 19, 2013

Why DialMyCalls? Mobile phone has its own limitations. With DialMyCalls, you can communicate with a larger mass of customers, clients or simply friends without any time delay. Group calling was never so easy!

App Spotlight: DialMyCalls automates group calling, texting

PCWorld.com - February 11, 2013

What you need is a way to blast out a pre-recorded phone message or a text message. That's the idea behind DialMyCalls, an app that lets you blast out phone and text messages right from your smartphone. A new 2.0 version just hit Apple's App Store; an updated Android version should be along soon. DialMyCalls comes from the Web-based service of the same name, but obviously it's way more convenient to set up and launch an automated call on your phone.


PinkNinjaBlog.com - December 19, 2012

The look on her Face is a look I will never forget. There's magic behind those eyes, Santa called her lol. If you're looking for Santa to pick up the phone and give your little ones a call head over the DialMyCalls website, they have it set up so asking Santa to call your kid is easy, and free! You can do all of it right from your computer! Pretty awesome, isn't it!

Free Santa Calls | Have Santa Call Your Child

JennsBlahBlahBlog.com - December 11, 2012

Then I find out this year there's free Santa Calls. I guess they were around last year too, but we missed them. This year it's perfect my 8-year-old is right there, she's starting to wonder about Santa. Heck she might even know, but she knows she has to believe to get gifts, lol. So what better than a call from Santa to push her to believe in the magic of Santa just a little longer.

Reboot your holiday traditions tech style

SheKnows.com - December 10, 2012

This year, hand over your cell phone to your little one (who always asks for it anyway) and let him take a free phone call from Santa Claus personalized with his name, courtesy of Dialmycalls.com. You simply choose from nine messages that your child can receive, pick the time, date and phone number you want the call sent to. Santa will do the rest!

DialMyCalls Review: Text and Voice Broadcasting Made Easy

TechieApps.com - October 16, 2012

Are you organizing a party soon and need to send hundreds of invitations to your loved ones? Or, If you are a part of an organization and need to notify all your co-workers about the scheduled meeting? Or, If you are a social person and like to stay in touch with all your acquaintances all the time? Then, DialMyCalls.com is just the thing you might be looking for, an answer to all your needs and a solution to all your problems!!!

What's The Killer App of The 2012 Election?

Forbes.com - September 17, 2012

Are you getting the robo-calls? Of course you are. They usually come during the day and leave a message on your home voicemail. Mass voice calling is mainstream and, sadly, we're getting used to it. If you live in a cold weather area you're already getting these from your school district. And now we're getting them all the time from our candidates. Produced the right way, a quick voice message can be informative and helpful without being intrusive. Small companies like mine now have the ability to take advantage of the same technology.

DialMyCalls celebrates National Day Of Prayer with special promotion

Examiner.com - May 3, 2012

Hundreds of churches and religious groups use DialMyCalls to send out church notifications, prayer requests, fundraiser alerts and various other voice/text messages to their congregations. To help celebrate today's National Day of Prayer, DialMyCalls is offering new and existing users 250 free credits (one credit equals a 30 second voice message or text message to one person).

Automated calls from Santa provided by Jupiter firm

PalmBeachPost.com - December 14, 2011

The Jupiter voice broadcasting service, which provides web-based phone dialing software to send automated voice messages and text messages, is offering free custom holiday calls for kids of all ages. Santa will place the phone calls on the date and time specified by the customer. The calls are available through Christmas Day.

80s Theme Party Reminder

Celebrations.com - June 30, 2011

I was able to record and upload a quick but fun, themed reminder to share with my friends. Instead of the standard, "Hi, just a reminder we have a date Saturday!" message the gals got a fun preview of what was in store for the weekend. I didn't have to call anyone. Dial My Calls did that for me. Can you say super easy? I'm sure there are a lot of people out there, like me who will find this reminder from DialMyCalls.com a blessing.

How to Make 75 Verbal Parent Contacts in Under a Minute

K12MobileLearning.com - October 6, 2010

Voice blasting can send thousands of phone messages by sending a pre-recorded message to a list of selected contacts. It's like sending a mass text message, only you're using your voice to send the message instead of your fingers. Many school districts already use these services to broadcast major school announcements, such as school cancellations and delays.

The Three Best Group Messaging Free Web Apps

SmashingApps.com - February 9, 2010

You can use DialMyCalls to send group announcements to your friends. Remind them of parties, events, or any other announcement you may have. It's really fun to use and even useful in daily life. You can use their free service and send 1 group call per day to 25 people or less that is sounds interesting.

Use Dial My Calls to Send One Message to a Group of People

GeekSugar.com - November 28, 2008

Ever wish you could send out a voice message to a group of people in your contacts list? Thanks to a neat site that I discovered on Lifehacker, this is now possible! With Dial My Calls, you can send one message to all your friends for things like sharing an announcement, telling them there's been a change of plans, or reminding them of an upcoming event. Kinda like sending a mass email, except this message comes with the sound of your beautiful voice.

DialMyCalls Sends Voicemail to Multiple Recipients

LifeHacker.com - November 25, 2008

Web service DialMyCalls sends mass telephone messages to a user-defined group. If you've ever been part of a phone tree that, for example, spreads word that your softball game has been called off, you can see how a service like DialMyCalls could come in handy.

DialMyCalls: Quickly Send Voice Messages to Entire Phone List

MakeUseOf.com - September 17, 2008

Have you ever looked at a list of phone numbers with horror, knowing you had to call each one and tell them the exact same message? DialMyCalls has an easy solution for you. It is an online service which lets you record a message and then send it out to a list of phone numbers all within a matter of seconds.

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