SMS Gateway

Have you ever wondered how businesses manage to contact thousands of customers at once with SMS marketing?

These companies don’t have thousands of employees sending manual texts to their customers. Instead, they’re relying on technology to efficiently reach out to their customers via SMS.

It’s all made possible by a technology called an SMS gateway.

What is an SMS gateway?

Put simply, an SMS gateway allows you to send SMS text messages from a website dashboard. This technology allows businesses to communicate with their customers without picking up a phone; all you need is to access your online dashboard.

Essentially, an SMS gateway software allows you to use your computer as a telephone. You can even receive and reply to customer messages from the dashboard.

SMS gateways also allow you to convert your message into email, so you always reach customers in the way that’s most convenient for them

How does an SMS gateway work?

Originally, SMS gateways were complex and bulky. They used to be connected to an individual mobile phone that would send messages; they worked similarly to how a normal customer uses their phone.

Thankfully, SMS gateways are much more advanced today. SMS gateways now connect to multiple telecommunications networks so you can send thousands of messages in the blink of an eye.

SMS gateways relay information between you and the wireless network, translating different protocols so everything fits together.

Other benefits of an SMS gateway include:

  1. Automation: SMS gateways transfer information seamlessly. If you need to transmit information reliably and quickly to your customers, an SMS gateway will get the job done.
  2. Personalization: SMS gateways allow you to personalize your message to the recipient, down to their name and even their account information.
  3. Hands-free: SMS gateways can be a little complex. But when you partner with DialMyCalls, you get our expertise. We’ll set up and manage your SMS gateway so you don’t have to learn code or programming.

When you use DialMyCalls as your SMS gateway, you can actually send customers messages using DialMyCalls and a local vanity number for texting. Skip the short code setup entirely and get to chatting with your customers. We do offer dedicated short codes for sale if you are interested – please contact us for more information.