Send Maintenance Reminders

Remind residents of maintenance that is scheduled so they can make the proper changes to their schedules. Our property maintenance reminder service is a must-have when it comes to water and utility outages as well road closures and maintenance occurring on the property.

Keeping Up with Your Building’s Maintenance with Little Inconvenience to Your Tenants

Finding good tenants is a difficult part of managing rental properties; but the difficulties come in avoiding major problems with your building.

It is not only your job to avoid problems when possible, but you have the responsibility of maintaining those items that can affect the safety and health of your renting community.

On top of all of that is your duty to protect these tenants when an emergency situation does come up.

This is where property maintenance reminders, an emergency maintenance number and two-way communication with your tenants come in.

Avoiding Major Maintenance Issues

In order to avert emergency situations in your building, you should enact an excellent maintenance and repair system.

To start, post your DialMyCalls phone number in hallways and elevators and let your tenants know to call as soon as they detect a problem. Call it your emergency maintenance number.

A small leak in the kitchen can lead to a major drywall problem quickly if you don’t respond right away. DialMyCalls’ broadcast reports will alert you when you have incoming messages from your tenants — you can also set up text alerts for incoming requests.

Emergency Repairs

An emergency repair is one where something in the building or a rental unit has broken and is affecting health or safety of your tenants. These could include a failing boiler in the winter or a broken water pipe. If the issue has imminent negative consequences for a tenant or tenants, it needs to be resolved immediately. And tenants should be able to let you know about it with an emergency maintenance number.

When you are performing building maintenance or repairs that could impact the lives of the tenants, you should always inform them ahead of time to avoid any conflict. For example, if there is a leaking water pipe in your building, you may have to shut off the main water supply while it is being fixed.

Use your DialMyCalls voice broadcasting service to inform the tenants of when this is expected to take place. In your property maintenance reminder message, you should apologize for the inconvenience and give an estimate of when you think the building will be restored to normal.

When you use the web-based notification system, your DialMyCalls broadcast report will show you exactly who in the building heard the message and who may have missed. Follow up with those who missed it to make sure that no one is overly inconvenienced during the repair.

Give Advanced Notice With a Property Maintenance Reminder Whenever Possible

You can also use this voice broadcasting system to alert your tenants when you are making renovations to the lobby or having work in the parking lot done. Try to leave the message at least 24 hours in advance of your maintenance project. This gives the renters time to make alternate plans if necessary and you the time to follow up with any tenants who have not received the message.

Landlords have a responsibility to keep their tenants informed of any emergencies or events that may affect the quality of their lives. Property issues come up all the time that you are obligated to contend with. When you have large groups of renters it would be difficult to get these types of informative details out without the help of the DialMyCalls voice broadcasting service.

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