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Property Management Emergency Notification

In every emergency plan for property managers you need to have some sort of mass communication system in place. Keeping residents aware of any emergencies as well as follow-ups with developments is extremely important.

Send Residents Notifications About Emergencies, Maintenance, and Other Events

Part of owning property is knowing that an emergency can arise at any moment. As a landlord or HOA leader you have the responsibility of alerting your tenants and communities as quickly as possible, no matter what time of day or night. To ensure that you can meet that responsibility, you need to have a mass notification system like DialMyCalls in place.

Have An Emergency Notification Plan To Keep Tenants Safe

Maximize your ability to protect your tenants and minimize property damage by having plans in place for any scenario. This should include fires, flooding, gas leaks, and natural issues relevant to your area such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes. There should not just be a clear evacuation plan in place, but a way to communicate with tenants and residents when they should remain indoors.

Have specific messages saved in your DialMyCalls account that cover all unforeseen events that could affect your property. This way when one occurs, you don’t need to waste time trying to figure out what the message should say. This also allows the message to come across as clear and calm, something you may not be able to accomplish if recording it in the heat of the moment.

Have an SMS keyword personalized that conveys an emergency alert and make sure that your residents know what that is. Try something like the building number followed by the word alert or your subdivision name if you are an HOA leader. Emergencies like gas leaks and fires have a way of taking place in the middle of the night when people are sleeping. You are going to want a strong visual message that is going to grab their attention and get them out of bed.

If evacuation is necessary, have a central meeting place set up beforehand and remind tenants and homeowners of its location in your message. You will be too busy dealing with authorities to do a physical head count, so send a two-way text and tell all of your residents to reply back that they are safe.

You should also have a plan in place for any elderly or disabled residents who may need assistance with evacuating. Talk to their neighbors and set up procedures to ensure that they make it out to safety. Have a separate message set up for this contact group to remind them of their added responsibility.

In addition to your reliable communication system, you also need to make sure that your building or neighborhood is ready for an emergency. The inside of an apartment building should have all exits clearly marked with lighted signs. Fire extinguishers and alarms should be checked regularly to make sure they are working.

An HOA should always make sure that the street signs in their neighborhoods are in place and easy to read. This will assist emergency personnel in getting around the development quickly and to the source of the emergency.

With a solid plan in place and clear means of communicating, you can avert any disaster that may strike your property. Know that emergencies are going to arise, and be proactive to ensure that all of your residents are taken care of.

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