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Rent Reminder Text Message Solutions (with Samples)

Searching for an easier way to let tenants know about upcoming and overdue rent payments? Then rent reminder text messages may be the perfect tool for you!

With DialMyCalls’ mass texting service for property management, you only need to write one message, but you can send it to dozens, or even hundreds, of people at once. Better yet, you can create targeted contact groups, improve communication with renters, and access tons of other amazing mass texting service features.

So, let’s explore how to write and send your first friendly rent reminder text message, as well as discover some inspiring templates and samples.

What Are Rent Reminder Text Messages?

Rent reminder text messages are concise notifications property managers can send to tenants to alert them of upcoming or overdue rent payments.

These messages typically serve as a friendly and professional reminder, promoting clear and open communication between tenants and landlords. Of course, they also help ensure you receive timely and consistent payments.

Because bulk texting offers a direct and immediate mode of communication, it’s easy to ensure your tenants see your messages in a timely fashion.

Overall, rent reminder texts are a great tool for automating the process of rent collection. You don’t need to send out individual notifications, and you only need to take manual action when someone doesn’t pay.

How Do You Give a Rent Reminder Text Message

Sending a rent reminder text message is a convenient way to remind your tenant of their upcoming rent payment. Here’s how you can create an effective and polite rent reminder text message:

1. Address the Tenant by Name

Start your message by addressing the tenant by their name. Personalizing the message makes it more friendly and less generic.

2. Friendly Greeting

Begin with a friendly greeting to set a positive tone. For example, “Hello [Tenant’s Name], hope you’re doing well!”

3. Mention the Date and Amount Due

Clearly state the date when the rent is due and the amount that needs to be paid. For example, “Just a friendly reminder that your rent of $[Amount] is due on [Due Date].”

4. Payment Method

Provide information on how the tenant can make the payment, whether it’s through bank transfer, a specific app, or any other method you prefer.

5. Include a Thank You

Express appreciation for their prompt payment or cooperation. For example, “Thank you for your cooperation in advance.”

6. Offer Assistance

Let the tenant know that you’re available to answer any questions or provide assistance if needed. This shows your willingness to help and encourages open communication.

7. Signature

Sign the message with your name or your property management company’s name for authenticity.

How To Remind Tenants To Pay Rent

The best way to remind tenants to pay rent is via rent reminder bulk text messages. This is because texting is most people’s primary form of digital communication, ensuring simple communication between you and your tenants.

While email can also be a good strategy, they can often get lost in crowded inboxes, and most people don’t check their email as often as their texting app. Likewise, phone calls can seem a little too invasive, especially if you’re renting to a younger demographic.

With mass texting, however, you can easily automate your rent reminders and notify your tenants in a friendly manner.

Remember to send your rent reminder texts a few days ahead of time so your tenants have time to get their funds together and aren’t scrambling at the last minute. Additionally, use a friendly and professional tone, even if your reminder is for overdue rent.

Why Should You Send Rent Reminder Text Messages?

Get Paid On Time

Of course, one of the key reasons for sending rent reminder text messages is so that you get paid on time. By providing an alert ahead of time, you give renters more time to prepare for payment.

Likewise, if you have a tenant that’s late on their rent, it’s key that you open up lines of communication with them. 

However, keep in mind that, while it may be frustrating, you should still be friendly and professional. Nobody wants to be in a situation where they’re unable to collect payment, but working with renters to find solutions is the best strategy.

Improve Landlord-Tenant Relationship

While a poorly-written rent reminder text message could rub tenants the wrong way, a professional one improves your relationship with tenants.

By using a friendly tone, you can provide a courteous prompt, and help rents remember that payment is due.

By communicating openly and regularly, you encourage tenants to do the same. Overall, this can result in a better experience for them, which could result in positive reviews for your property. 

This can be especially important for those managing a large property, as reviews often play a large role in whether people consider renting a unit or not.

Ultimately, the better you can make your renters’ overall experience, the more success you’ll find as a landlord. Promoting consistent communication is key to that great overall experience.

Other Bulk Texting Features

One more reason to use a mass texting service to send rent reminder texts is that you can also take advantage of other bulk SMS features.

For example, consider reaching out regularly by sending an SMS message asking if tenants have any maintenance requests. Use two-way texting so that tenants can immediately respond by texting you back about the leaky pipes they forgot or the ant trail they found in their kitchen.

Rent Reminders - 2-Way Texting

Learning about such issues and attending to them quickly can minimize serious damages and save you money in the long run. It also fosters open communication and facilitates a better overall experience for tenants.

Additionally, there may be other times when you want to reach out to everyone on your list. 

For example, you might want to host regular social events or need to schedule an all-building inspection. 

Luckily, DialMyCalls can help you reach out to all your tenants, a special subgroup, or even an individual renter around the clock to coordinate your rental business.

How To Write A Rent Reminder Text Message

If you’re ready to write your first rent reminder text message, there are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind. 

So, use the following tips to write a clear, concise, and professional message:

  • Start With A Polite Greeting: Begin your message with a friendly greeting to establish a positive tone. For example, “Hello @FirstName,”.
  • State the Purpose Clearly: Immediately clarify the purpose of the message. For instance, “This is a friendly reminder about your upcoming rent payment.”
  • Include Specific Details: Clearly mention the rent amount, due date, and any other relevant details. For instance, “Your rent of [$ amount] is due on @miscellaneous [date].”
  • Provide Payment Instruction: If applicable, include a link for online payment. For example, “You can pay online at [payment portal link].”
  • Keep it Short: The message should be as concise as possible while communicating the essential information mentioned above. Remember, SMS messages have character limits, and you want to get your point across straight away.
  • Offer Assistance: If tenants have questions or concerns, guide them to the appropriate contact. For instance, “Reply directly if you have any questions”.
  • Close with a Courteous Ending: End the message on a friendly note. For example, “Thanks! -John”
  • Proofread Your Message: Going along with the professional tone, be sure to read over your message to make sure there are no mistakes. 

Overall, writing a successful rent reminder text message requires a balance of friendliness, professionalism, and urgency. By keeping the tips above in mind, you should have no problem drafting your first message.

Rent Reminder Text Message Samples

There are two main types of rent reminder text messages you can send: upcoming rent reminders and overdue rent reminders. Below, we share a template and some examples of each type.

Friendly Rent Reminder Samples

It’s human nature to feel a little uncomfortable asking your tenants for their rent month after month. 

In an ideal world, everyone would simply pay their rent on time with no need for a rent reminder text to let them know that their rent is due. The reality, however, is that many people need a friendly reminder to pay rent so it appears on their short-term radar and list of things to do

With that in mind, here is a friendly rent reminder text template you can use to notify your tenants:

“Hi [First Name], just a friendly reminder that your rent of [$ amount] is due [date]. Please send payment to [payment method]. Reply directly with any questions. Thanks!”

By using this simple template above, you’ll have a good baseline for your own text. For more inspiration, here are some rent reminder text message samples:

  • One week before rent is due: “Hi John, Just a friendly notice that rent of $1500 is due 12/1. Please send a check to the main office. Reply directly with questions. Thanks!”
  • Day before rent is due: “Hey Kim, Quick reminder that $1600 rent is due tomorrow. Please pay on the online portal. Text back with any questions. Thanks!”

Notices like these are simple to generate and send with a bulk SMS service like DialMyCalls. For example, our rent reminder app allows you to customize your recipient list so you only reach out to tenants who have not yet paid their rent.

Rent Overdue Reminder Text Sample

Rent Reminders - Past Due Notice

Unfortunately, even if you remind tenants several times before their rent is due, some will still fail to pay their rent on time. A friendly rent reminder text can help you easily reach out to those who may have forgotten or are struggling to make their payments.

Ultimately, it’s key to keep open lines of communication and try to work towards solutions if there are any problems. So, here is a rent overdue reminder text template to help you draft your own message:

“Hi [First Name], Just reminding you that your rent of [$ amount] was due [date]. Please pay at [payment option] ASAP to avoid late fees. If there’s a problem please let me know.”

While we haven’t included it in the template, if late fees will be charged for overdue rent, try providing a brief explanation of how the fees work.

For more inspiration, check out these text message to tenants for late rent samples:

  • Text to be sent the day after rent is due: “Hi John, Just reminding you that your rent of $1500 was due yesterday. Please send check to main office today to avoid late fees, and update me when you can.”
  • Text to be sent two to five days after rent is due: “Hi Kim, This is your past due rent notice. It  was due on 11/15. Please pay $1600 rent + $100 late fees via online portal. Respond directly with any questions.”
  • Standard Monthly Rent Reminder: “Just a friendly reminder that your rent of $[Amount] is due on [Due Date]. You can make the payment through [Payment Method]. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.”
  • Friendly Rent Reminder with Gratitude: “We hope you’re doing well! Your rent of $[Amount] is due on [Due Date]. We appreciate your timely payments, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Thanks for being a great tenant!”
  • Early Rent Reminder: “Just a heads-up that your rent of $[Amount] is due on [Due Date]. If you’d like to make the payment early, that’s always an option. Thanks for your promptness!”
  • Rent Reminder with Payment Instructions: “Don’t forget that your rent of $[Amount] is due on [Due Date]. To make the payment, please use [Payment Method] and send it to [Payment Details]. Let us know if you need any assistance.”
  • Friendly Rent Reminder for Late Payment: “We hope everything is okay. Your rent of $[Amount] was due on [Due Date]. If you’ve encountered any issues, please let us know so we can work together to find a solution.”
  • Urgent Rent Reminder for Overdue Payment: “This is an urgent reminder that your rent of $[Amount] was due on [Due Date], and it’s currently overdue. Please make the payment immediately to avoid any late fees.”

The DialMyCalls’ rent reminder texts make it quick and easy to send these notices to only the recipients you specify. 

Simply create a list of people who still owe you rent, craft your rent overdue reminder text, and send it to your tenants to encourage their payment.

Rent Reminder App

The DialMyCalls rent reminder app is the perfect tool for notifying tenants of upcoming and overdue rent via text message.

Like our browser-based platform, the app allows you to send bulk rent reminders, as well as access tons of other great mass texting tools. For example, you can personalize your mass texts with variable messaging, or receive direct replies with two-way SMS.

Additionally, you can streamline your rent reminder texts by using automated texting features. To notify your tenants each month with no manual action required, just set up recurring messages in your DialMyCalls dashboard.

Overall, if you’re looking for the ultimate landlord-tenant communication app, DialMyCalls makes the perfect choice.

How To Start Sending Rent Reminder Text Messages To Tenants

Using a rent reminder like DialMyCalls is super simple. The first step is to sign up for your free account. Once your account is set up, you need to add or import your tenants’ information into our contact management system

Just remember that it’s important as a property manager to follow all the FCC and state laws regarding sending automated phone calls or texts. 

So, make sure your residents know that they will be receiving your rent reminder app alerts when they sign a lease agreement, or have them opt-in to your own custom SMS keyword by texting your keyword to your local texting vanity number.

From there, you might want to separate your renters into different contact groups, like rent due date, price, area of the building, or other criteria. You can also create groups based on who has and hasn’t paid their rent yet.

Ultimately, the types of contact groups you create will depend on your specific circumstances.

Rent Reminders - Contact Groups

After you’ve organized your contacts, you can start drafting your rent reminder text messages. If you’re having trouble coming up with the right words, go back and take a look at the templates and samples we provided earlier.

Finally, once your message is written, you can send, schedule, or automate them to go out to the contact groups of your choosing.

From there, you can sit back, relax, and watch the rent payments come in. Later, if someone doesn’t pay on time, you can draft a follow-up overdue rent notice. If multiple people don’t pay on time, you can add them to a new contact group and send the overdue rent reminder.

FAQ on Rent Reminder App

Let’s take a quick look at the frequently asked questions when it comes to setting up a rent reminder app:

How do you politely remind a rent tenant?

To politely remind a rent tenant, start by addressing them by name and using a friendly greeting. Clearly state the rent due date, offer payment details and assistance, acknowledge their promptness if applicable, and express gratitude for their cooperation. Close the message with your contact information and a warm closing, maintaining professionalism throughout the communication to foster a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

Can the DialMyCalls rent reminder app integrate with other property management software or platforms?

DialMyCalls’ rent reminder app can integrate with thousands of different apps using our Zapier integration. In addition to Zapier, we offer a robust API which can be used to create your own integration.

Is there a limit to the number of tenants or messages I can send reminders to using the app?

Using DialMyCalls you are able to send a rent reminder to 1 or 10,000 tenants at once – you will just need to select the pricing option that best suits your needs when it comes to sending out rent reminders.

How secure is the data (like tenant phone numbers and names) when using the app?

DialMyCalls safeguards all customer data and uses secure data centers that are housed in SOC 2 Type II compliant facilities – our data centers are geographically-dispersed throughout the United States to ensure reliability.

Overall, DialMyCalls makes it easy to start sending rent reminder text messages to your tenants in no time!

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