Remind Players Of Team Photos With Team Calls

Photographers and coaches can easily remind players’ or their parents of photography dates and times with automated team calls.

Including Everyone On Team Photo Day

Team photos are an important memento of the sport season not just for both players and their parents. These photos are anticipated by the families and sent out with pride to loved ones.

Your job as a coach is to ensure that each player is represented. The communication required for such a photo is made easier by automated team calls.

Team Photo Reminders

Coordinate Team Photo Day

Team photo day is usually a big event where all the teams and players show up with their families. Not only are group pictures taken of entire teams, but individual shots of each player are taken as well. It’s important for every team member to make it.

As soon as you receive the date and time of the event from the league or photographer, you should pass it along to the players of their parents via an automated team call, text message, or email with DialMyCalls. This gives them as much time as possible to rearrange schedules if there is a conflict. If you send this information out too late, they may not be able to get out of a prior commitment.

This is such an important event that you should log in to your account and check your detailed broadcast report to make sure that each parent has received the message. Your online report can tell you who has seen or responded to a message. This can help you target parents who need to hear the news in person.

Photo Packages

The companies hired to take the photos will usually supply the league with information and pricing for special packages before the event. This lets parents choose the number and sizes of photos they want before picture day.

To help in streamlining the process of distributing these photos, let the parents know via text messages or team calls that you have the photo info packets and will be passing them to the players at the end of the next practice. Parents then know to expect the information or know to come and ask.

Making sure that each parent gets his or her photo package before the big day is important. To track this, send a poll to the parents using the DialMyCalls team calls or telephone polling and surveying feature. Your detailed broadcast report can tell you which families responded with no, making it easy to follow up and get the packets all handed out.

Send Parents Reminder Messages

Despite its importance, there may still be the parent or two who has forgotten the date for team photo day. Send your player’s parents reminder messages two days before. This will allow them enough time to rearrange schedules if they had accidentally planned something else for that time.

Your efforts at communication will go a long way in ensuring that your entire team is in your group photo. No child or their parents will want to miss out on this opportunity. With the help of your DialMyCalls account and team calls service, you can make sure that no one does.

*Photographers are required by law to get their customer’s permission to receive automated messages before sending them out through our system.

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