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Tips and Pitfalls of Direct Marketing Through Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Marketing Tips

With the world's eyes now accustomed to reading the small screen of their smartphone, it was only a matter of time before a way was discovered to advertise through them. SMS text alerts as a marketing tool have proven to be highly successful in a number of different applications, and are ideal for businesses both big and small, so long as you know how to properly take advantage of it.

The best thing about SMS marketing campaigns is that they are inexpensive in comparison to other methods of advertising your service, business or product. Plus, there is no real technical knowledge needed beyond being able to come up with compelling messages. This is especially true of bulk messaging, or what some refer to as text blasting.

How Does Bulk Messaging Work?

Bulk messaging follows the same concept as a group email, except the recipients receive their message right on their phone. Since most providers of this type of service have an address book for you to store your contact numbers, the process for creating and sending the message is simple and should take just a few minutes.

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DialMyCalls Celebrates Cyber Monday With Huge Savings


DialMyCalls is proud to announce its participation in the Cyber Monday craze by offering a 20% discount on all of our credit packages and monthly plans.

Members who sign up for an account with DialMyCalls today will immediately receive our special Cyber Monday sale pricing - all credit packages and monthly plans* are 20% off. Existing members will be able to purchase credits at the discounted rate as well.

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Fantasy Football 2012 Voice and Text Message Alerts

fantasy football text message alerts

The start of the 2012 football season is just around the corner and fantasy leagues are gearing up for a brand new year.

It's time to get your game face on because September 5, 2012 marks the first game of the 2012 football season which means fantasy football teams all across the United States will be in full swing. Throughout the season DialMyCalls will make communication between members of fantasy leagues easy, fun and painless.

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Tropical Storm Debby Text Message Alerts

Tropical Storm Debby

Tropical Storm Debby formed in the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend and has been slamming Florida with tons of rain and extreme weather.

Amidst the massive amount of rainfall that Tropical Storm Debby is producing, the extreme force of nature is also creating deadly tornadoes. It is said that at least one person has died due to the tornadoes that were spawned by the slow moving storm off the coast of Florida. With sustained winds now at 50 mph, Debby could quite possibly move ashore near the panhandle of Florida. What are Tropical Storm Debby Text Message Alerts and how could they help your community?

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Girl Scout Cookies Text Message Alerts

girl scouts text message alerts

It's Girl Scouts Cookie season and DialMyCalls offers a great solution for troop leaders all across the country to keep in touch with their customers.

DialMyCalls can utilize its mass notification system to send out Girl Scout Cookies text message alerts. Local troop leaders can set up an account with us and then begin using the power of text messaging to spread the word on their Girl Scouts and sell a ton of cookies. How exactly do our text message alerts work?

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Hurricane Ophelia Text Message Alerts

hurricane ophelia

Tropical Storm Ophelia is steadily strengthening out in the Atlantic Ocean and DialMyCalls wants you to be prepared should it make landfall in the United States.

DialMyCalls knows a thing or two about hurricanes as we are located in Jupiter, Florida and we know that being prepared is vital. With Hurricane season at its peak, Tropical Storm Ophelia will most likely strengthen before it threatens to hit the United States and our text message alerts can help you, should the storm make landfall in your area.

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