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Tips and Pitfalls of Direct Marketing Through Bulk SMS

Posted by Tim Smith in Customer Reminders on March 15, 2016

Bulk SMS Marketing Tips

With the world’s eyes now accustomed to reading the small screen of their smartphone, it was only a matter of time before a way was discovered to advertise through them. SMS text alerts as a marketing tool have proven to be highly successful in a number of different applications, and are ideal for businesses both big and small, so long as you know how to properly take advantage of it.

The best thing about SMS marketing campaigns is that they are inexpensive in comparison to other methods of advertising your service, business or product. Plus, there is no real technical knowledge needed beyond being able to come up with compelling messages. This is especially true of bulk messaging, or what some refer to as text blasting.

How Does Bulk Messaging Work?

Bulk messaging follows the same concept as a group email, except the recipients receive their message right on their phone. Since most providers of this type of service have an address book for you to store your contact numbers, the process for creating and sending the message is simple and should take just a few minutes.

The Pitfall of Bulk Messaging

The creation of your contact list is extremely important, as there are laws which disallow for unsolicited text messages for marketing purposes. You need to encourage your customer base to opt in to this service by sending a special  keyword to a pre-selected SMS shortcode. Text message marketing providers such as DialMyCalls can assist you in setting up your first bulk SMS campaign.


Obtaining Permission to Send Marketing SMS Text Alerts
Most businesses find that they can encourage customers to sign up simply by offering special deals or promotions. You will then need to follow through with these promises in order to maintain your integrity once the customer has opted in for the service. here must also be a method in place for the recipient to opt out if they change their mind.


You can also increase your contact list by offering incentives to your existing customers if they are able to get friends to sign on as well. So long as you have their permission to use their phone number, you have the ability to increase your businesses exposure.

Once you have started to create a database of customers who are interested in receiving text message alerts about your business, you need to think about when to send them and what they should consist of. For example, nightclubs and bars have found success in using this type of campaign by sending out messages around 6 p.m. offering no cover charge for a limited time – just when their customers are starting to make plans for the weekend on Friday night.

If your messages center around special sales and discounts on merchandise, consider that the typical payday is either Wednesday or Friday, so plan your messages to hit your customers right around the same time that their pay is clearing in their accounts. Service providers like carpet cleaners and car washes should focus on the weekends, when people are off and have the time to take care of those tasks.

Marketing using bulk SMS is the smart way to go if you want to directly engage with your customers at a low cost to you. Avoid the pitfalls and take advantage of the tips to help you build a contact list of numbers that will help in making your business a successful one.